Ini Edo, Tonto Dike and Annie Idibia Speak Against Rape

Today, 10 March 2015, Ini Edo, Tonto Dike and Annie Idibia took a stand against rape. The trio participated and headlined a march organised to raise awareness on rape.It is believed that there are 181 rape cases within six months in Lagos State alone. Compared to other states of the federation (36-state structure and FCT Abuja), one can easily imagine the number of rape cases which in totality could be alarming.

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There is no age limit regarding rape as children, babies, adolescents, matured adults, mothers, grandmothers, and women of over 70 years are being raped or defiled recklessly. Rape, generally speaking, is an infringement on the rights of individuals, particularly children and could amount to gross violation of child rights.

This initiative should provoke authorities to clamp down on sexual offenders & rapists.

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