Ramsey Nouah, Majid Michel At the Premiere of Busted Life

Busted Life- the highly tensed drama based on the true life story of two immigrants from Nigeria living together in America in search for a better life premiered over the weekend in London and the event was attended by cast members as well as movie lovers.

Ramsey Nouah, Majid Michel, Uru Eke and many more attended the movie premiere.

Here are the pictures from the event.

BUSTED LIFE Movie Premiere_8May2015_Sync-9839BUSTED LIFE Movie Premiere_8May2015_Sync-9854BUSTED LIFE Movie Premiere_8May2015_Sync-9873BUSTED LIFE Movie Premiere_8May2015_Sync-9905

Ramsey Nouah

BUSTED LIFE Movie Premiere_8May2015_Sync-0073

Uru Eke

Majid Michel

BUSTED LIFE Movie Premiere_8May2015_Sync-0132BUSTED LIFE Movie Premiere_8May2015_Sync-0140BUSTED LIFE Movie Premiere_8May2015_Sync-9661BUSTED LIFE Movie Premiere_8May2015_Sync-9670BUSTED LIFE Movie Premiere_8May2015_Sync-9694BUSTED LIFE Movie Premiere_8May2015_Sync-9734BUSTED LIFE Movie Premiere_8May2015_Sync-9798

Interviews & Fans

BUSTED LIFE Movie Premiere_8May2015_Sync-0067BUSTED LIFE Movie Premiere_8May2015_Sync-0101BUSTED LIFE Movie Premiere_8May2015_Sync-0108BUSTED LIFE Movie Premiere_8May2015_Sync-0145

Photo Credit: Sync MEDIA HOUSE

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