Big Screen: 3 Nollywood Movies That Need To Be Remade Right Now


Ah, the 90’s and late 80’s. It was a wonderful time to be alive and watch Nigerian movies. Living in bondage, rattle snake, true confession… So many classic movies came out of that era, and it’s about time we start remaking them, wouldn’t you agree? Okay, so it might seem like too soon and maybe you’d rather watch an original movie than one you’ve already seen. But Nollywood has officially run out of original ideas and what we have, are deadbeat stories that insult our intelligence (with the exception of a few). The least we can do is, give them some guidance for what movies would be best to adapt for the extremely smart 21st century audience.

Nollywood is yet to do a remake of any of their movies and this is shocking because they had quite a good number of movies in the past which should totally be remade. Now would be a good time to plug in today’s greatest talents to bring a revival to some of the greatest Nollywood films of all time.

So without further ado, here are movies that Nollywood should really start remaking.

Rattle Snake is one of the Nollywood movies that will always be remembered in Nigeria. The movie was directed by Amaka Igwe (of blessed memory) and produced by Austin Awulonu in 1995. If there was a tear jerker movie in Nigeria in the 90s, this was it. The movie tells the story of Ahanna Okolo, a young boy who was drawn into the world of crime and armed robbery after his father passed on, and the family began to struggle. The movie featured Francis Duru, Nkem Owoh, Anne Njemanze, Ebele Uzochukwu, Bob Manuel, Okey Igwe, Julius Agwu and more.

Who to cast: Williams Uchembah as Ahanna


Produced in 1999, Igodo is unforgettable and definitely one of the best movies ever produced in Nigeria. The story line gave us a real sense of what you can call Igbo mythology.

Storyline: The murder of the son of Amadioha – god of thunder and lightning – under false charges places a curse on the land which made young men for ten generations die inexplicably en mass. The movie was produced by Ojiofor Ezeanyaeche and directed Andy Amenechi, Don Pedro Obaseki. It featured Pete Edochie, Norbert Young, Sam Dede, Charles Okafor, Obi Madubogwu, Chidi Mokeme, Prince James Uche, Ignis Ekwe, Joe Layode, Genevieve Nnaji, Gentle Jack and several others.

Who to cast: Duh, Ask Obi Emelonye! We are sure he will be very interested in this project and will find a good enough cast to rival the original actors.

Things Fall Apart


Now this is brazen. Things Fall Apart was never really made into a Nigerian film per se. What we had was an interesting miniseries directed by David Orere and broadcast on Nigerian television by the Nigerian Television Authority. It starred several established film actors, including Pete Edochie, Nkem Owoh and Sam Loco.

Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart was set in Pre-colonial Nigeria in the 1890s. The protagonist Okonkwo (Pete Edochie) is famous in the surrounding villages for being a wrestling champion, defeating a wrestler – Amalinze ‘the cat’ (because he never lands on his back). He is strong, hard-working, and strives to show no weakness. Okonkwo wants to dispel his father Unoka’s tainted legacy of being effeminate. He is greatly obsessed with his masculinity, and any slight compromise on this masculinity is swiftly destroyed.

A movie of this nature will definitely be very challenging. But, when we think of the progress Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen made with Invasion; he made the movie as real to anyone that watched it, bearing in mind that it was meant to be a 19th Century story…  with resources, dedication and talent, Nollywood could make a blockbuster of this epic African tale.

Who to Cast: Tough one. But we will go with Fredrick Leonard or Blossom Chukwujekwu as Okonkwo.

Do you agree with our list?

4 thoughts on “Big Screen: 3 Nollywood Movies That Need To Be Remade Right Now

  1. I agree with this list. In the next years; we would also be thinking of remaking … October 1. My biggest issue with Nollywood though is the casting. Can they get the right cast for these movies?


  2. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for dropping a comment.

    I do agree that October 1 will be remembered as one of “the greats”.

    Like you, I am also skeptical about the casting in Nollywood.

    Most times when I see a Nigerian movie, I can almost call two other actors who would have been “perfect” for the role.

    Despite the obvious issues with casting I think Mildred Okwo of TASC, Kunle Afolayan and Lancelot Odua Imasuen get the right cast 80% of the time.


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