Iyanya and Tekno Make Acting Debut Alongside AY, Toyin Aimakhu, Jide Kosoko & More in “Superstar” 

It’s interesting to see Iyanya and Tekno of Triple MG embrace other parts of the entertainment industry.

The two music stars make their acting debut in a new movie called Superstar that also features AY Makun, Angel Ufuoma, Ushbebe, Bryan Okwara, Jide Kosoko, Toyin Aimaku, Tina Amuziam, Rachel Oniga and more.

The story and screenplay was written by Tony Abulu.


Afrobeat – The rebellious music created by legendary music icon Fela Anikulapo kuti is sweeping the Nigerian contemporary landscape: Explosive Poly-Rhythms, enchanting syncopation and haunting melodies drive the pulsating music and the Nigerian inner city is bursting with talent and unbridled creative energy.  It is in this turbulence that 22 year old Dele Ojo hustles to survive.  A relentless singer-songwriter scouring the bustling Lagos metropolis for a chance, an opportunity to present his talent to any impresario who can actualize his dream of becoming a Superstar.  His boisterous childhood friend and self-proclaimed Manager Ovie swears that he is the next Michael Jackson, but Dele’s mother will not hear of it.  Music unfortunately was the death of her beloved husband and over her dead body will her son tow his late father’s line.

The flashy, hypnotic pull of the urban city however is overwhelming and Dele will do whatever it takes to be a part of it.  Now a great opportunity emerges, a hot music label from America seeks new talent after their star artiste suddenly absconds.  Dele must produce a mix-tape quickly and catch the attention of the super Producer.  It is an opportunity of a lifetime, and his only hope of raising studio time cash is to rumble with a dreaded Ghetto loan shark hell bent on claiming the star for his nefarious activities.

See behind the scene photos below.


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