Is Kiki in the Clear After Mama Obi’s Accident? Find Out What Happens in this Exciting Episode of Desperate Housewives Africa.

When something dreadful happens, as human beings we automatically turn into lamenting beings. This, amongst other things happens in tonight’s episode. After Mama Obi’s ‘Hit and Run’, the residents of Hibiscus Lane start thinking and evaluating their lives. When Kay and Ese discover that their son was at the centre of Mama Obi’s accident, they take the damaged car to a rough area of Lagos to get it fixed and to conceal any evidence of Leo’s crime.
After she discovers a bag of money concealed in Larry’s kitchen cupboard, Tari becomes suspicious about his real reason for moving to Hibiscus Lane (and rightly so). Oh, and about Funke Lawal, her desperation deepens as she searches for a way to manage her addiction to her children’s ADD medication; and here’s another shocker…Tai Etim confesses to his priest that he’s having an affair with Kiki Obi (hmmm, how very noble of him… but was that a smart move?) I can’t reveal everything here, and I’ve definitely left some extra juicy bits out (here’s a hint…somebody gets killed) but be sure to catch the episodetonight on EbonyLifeTV, DStv channel 165, at 21:00WAT and watch it first-hand as it unfolds.

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