The Hottest TV Shows on Nigerian Television (PT 1)

When I heard Mo Abudu had acquired the ABC franchise for Desperate Housewives Africa, I was skeptical. Like many people, I wondered why she couldn’t start from scratch with perhaps an original story rather than an adaptation of the original Desperate housewives.


Then I saw the cast and I was even more cynical, “how in god’s name is Kehinde Bankole  going to pull off Gabriel Sollis?” Like that wasn’t bad enough, I saw that, stern looking Michelle Dede was going to play goofy Susan. What!

I made a mental note never to watch the show. In fact, when I eventually stumbled on the show one fine evening, I started looking for all the flaws… But I was disappointed. Not only was that episode interesting, It blew my mind. The African twist to the original story makes it all the more interesting and I have become a huge fan of the show.

My favorite Actress on the show would have to be Michelle Dede. Who knew Michelle could act? Talk less of completely nailing the Susan character. She makes it so believable, you just can’t help but feel sorry for her and at other times laugh at her stupidity. Her daughter on the show is also adorable and a child actor to watch out for.

Michelle-Dede Kehinde-Bankole

My next favorite would have to be Kehinde Bankole. Who knew Kehinde could be slutty? All the other actors are great as well and while it may be too early to give it five stars, it certainly has my four stars. Not to mention that the African version of Mike Delfino is way hotter than the original Mike.


Do you watch this show? what are your thoughts? Who are your favourites?

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