Must Watch: ‘The Secret Princess’ – An Animated Movie with Desmond Elliot, DJ Cuppy & More


After 3 years of production, we finally have the first look at ‘The Secret Princess’, a story about a king wary of his crown and seeking for a male heir to the throne.

The animation stars DJ Cuppy as the lead actress, Sade with Desmond Elliot as a supporting actor.

See the stills from the animation below to give you a good idea of what to look forward to when it starts showing at the cinema.

The Secret Princess_26The Secret Princess_27The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_1_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_30_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_32_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_33_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_34_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_35_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_36_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_37_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_38_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_40_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_41_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_42_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_43_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_44_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_45_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_46_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_47_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_48_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_49_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_50_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_51_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_52_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_53_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_54_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_55_00000

Soundtrack for the movie is by Davido.

Plot: A king wary of his crown and seeking for a male heir to the throne; consequently leads to two newborn babies being switched, a princess and a farmers son. Following the mysterious disappearance of the farmer, the wife is accused of being a witch and to escape any consequences she runs away with the baby girl. Talking animals – A parrot that witness the baby switch spreads the word in the jungle and all the animals plan to help the girl and her mother who live alone in the jungle and often sad about their loneliness. Along the line, the Prince(farmers son) meets the girl(princess) and they fall in love. In the last few scenes, a lot of amazing twists are revealed about many characters including the princess, the prince, the farmer and her wife, the queen and the King and of course Mr Tortoise.

Watch the trailer HERE

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