What Happened to “Before 30” ?


Can someone please tell me what happened to my “almost favourite” Nigerian show? Yes, I said almost because the show never got the chance to make it to number 1. It disappeared! Just like that.

I had heard the hype about “Before 30” and I had ignored it, then one fine afternoon as I changed channels I “landed” on Ebony Live TV…the soundtrack “Lovenwatiti” was enough to get my attention. Then as I settled in to watch, there they were – four beautiful women – each with a unique story. The theme of the show is both hilarious but a reality that many young Nigerian ladies face.


Before 30 is a drama series centered around four women living in Lagos and the pressures they face to be married before they turn 30 years old.


Their stories are told through the eyes of the lead character Temi Coker(Damilola Adegbite) through voice over. Nkem (Beverly Naya) plays the sexy career woman who believes men are simply playthings. Aisha (Meg Otanwa) is the conflicted northern housewife who is married to a billionaire. Ama (Anee Icha) is the sweet and cheerful friend and the youngest in the group.

I watched four episodes of the show that day and I was hooked. The four ladies  did a great job with their various roles. I can’t say the same for the men on the show especially OC Ukeje and Gideon; their acting was flat, It was almost painful watching them. I get it, the girls are the stars of the show, but does that mean that the other actors shouldn’t put in their best to contribute to the overall success of the show?

Back to the matter, I took note of the day the show aired with the intention of returning the next week. I went to EL tv the next week and the show wasn’t on. Same thing happened the week after that. So I knew something was up.

I started stalking the actors on Instagram, because prior to that time, they would post the time the show would air and encourage their fans to watch. But this time around there was silence. No one was talking about the show, not the actors, not EL, not Africa Magic ….no one.

So I ask again – What happened to “Before 30”?

Was the show scrapped?  Who has answers? Pray tell

One thought on “What Happened to “Before 30” ?

  1. Can you provide artwork in ‘Before 30’ movie of the lady with pink hat and green and grey Dress? Love the print! Season 1, Episode 6.

    Thank you.


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