Watch Desperate Housewives Africa Tonight

It’s Thursday so why not grab a mug of Hibiscus leaves and meet us on the Lane…the Desperate Housewives are waiting for you…
What drama will be unravelling tonight? Well, the body of Mrs Benson is found attracting the kind of publicity she has always craved. Ese continues to torment Kay by carrying on her rare flirtatious ways with Lekan. Guess who is put on house arrest?! Yep, Chuka (to Kiki’s displeasure, who endures more humiliation in tonight’s episode).
Whilst cleaning and admiring the Dane gun Lekan gave to her as a present, Ese accidentally shoots off his toe as he attempts to kiss her; Rhetta tries to organise a memorial for Mrs Benson at her graveside, but all the housewives make excuses not to go (no surprise there). The secret is out tonight as Larry’s reason for coming to Hibiscus Lane is revealed, after he visits the man responsible for breaking into his house and taking all his money and research (damn!). Chief Molokwu, a dying man appears on the Lane desperate for Larry to find out what has become of his daughter Gina (who’s Gina?).Watch the mysteries and drama unravel tonight at…
21:00WAT on EbonyLife TV, 
DStv channel 165.

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