Sola Sobowale Has Nothing But Admiration For Genevieve Nnaji



Ask veteran actress, Sola Sobowale about her relationship with Genevieve Nnaji and she immediately becomes animated.

She flails her hand momentarily as if she was hugging an imaginary figure and then adds;  “She is my darling, I love her so much, she is unique, she is straightforward, I love her.”


Apparently,  the feeling is mutual. The actress famous for her role as Toyin Tomato in Super Story is unaware that Genevieve once said the same thing about her in a post on Instagram.

In her public adulation, Genevieve shared a selfie with the veteran actress from her chance meeting at Nollywood At 20 event that held over a year ago at Intercontinental Hotel, Victoria Island. She captioned it; “God knows I love this woman.”

Sobowale added, “I have not seen her for a while, she played my daughter and she is there to do her job, she is not there to sell her body, and if you see her doing her job she looks beautiful and when you say that the shooting time is 7 am, Genevieve is there 6:30 am. It is what I see I say, I see her there on time, she is good, she is genuine, I love what she is doing, she is fantastic. I pray to God to hold her, she will not go astray and that she should continue to do more and more.”


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