Don’t Miss Tonight’s Drama on Hibiscus Lane!


One of the biggest fears of a married woman is being cheated on by her husband, right? The issue of infidelity is tackled head-on tonight when Funke Lawal confronts her father-in-law, Adeolu. She discovers that he’s a serial cheat and a chauvinist and as a result, she has more than a few words of warning for her husband Shina.

Blackmail alert! Tai’s parents persuade and threaten Kiki to convince Tai to change his mind about his sudden decision to start his own business; Tai in return surprises Kiki by proposing marriage, which she declines (aa wwwww poor Tai, but what world is he living in? hahaha).

Ese enjoys Lekan’s company and advice as she deals with her feelings about the divorce from Kay; Kay has second thoughts when he realises Ese is spending time in the company of another man. Also in tonight’s episode, Deji is set on selling the house but then has a change of heart…what or who causes this sudden change of heart? Find out all this and (as always) so much more ontonight’s episode of Desperate Housewives Africa at…

21:00WAT on EbonyLife TV, 
DStv channel 165.

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