Top 5 Most Stylish Nollywood Stars

Some Nollywood Stars make you go, “Wow!” Their appearances on the red carpets are much awaited in order to see what they would be wearing. Bloggers and journalists follow their every move with the hope of any slight fashion mishap that would automatically generate huge headlines. Everything they wear from formal dresses to simple exercise or running outfits are scrutinized to no end. Check out our list of the most stylish actors in Nollywood.

Rita Dominic

Anyone who knows fashion will tell you that flawless style takes more than awesome clothes – it’s also about attitude, whether it’s owning the AMVCA red carpet or meeting friends for a birthday dinner…Rita Dominic brings it every time.

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Susan Peters: Her style is often considered eccentric or weird, but she’s stylish nonetheless.

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Jim Iyke considers himself a fashion icon of some sort and we can’t blame him. He’s always well put together and oozes confidence -something most people mistake for arrogance.

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There’s a new guard of sharp-looking young actors emerging in Nollywood- Uti Nwachukwu leads the pack.



Genevieve Nnaji is not called “the Queen” for nothing. The actress and Fashion label boss keeps it simple and classy all the time.Genevieve is considered as one of the most stylish Nollywood actresses of all time.

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