Nollywood and the New Movie-Series Trend

By Grace Ojekwe


The other day I walked in on my neighbors watching a Nigerian movie and laughing so hard, I decided to join in the fun. As I sat down I enquired about the movie they were watching and was told its title was “Nkoli Nwa Nsukka”. No denying, the movie was very funny but as we continued to watch non-stop from hours to hours, I got tired and had to ask how many parts the movie was in. To my surprise, I was told it had about six seasons, SIX SEASONS?!!!!! Are you for real? Is this a movie or serial film or even a mini-series? I asked, but they didn’t know either; and as such, couldn’t classify it.


Have you ever noticed that sitting through a 2 ½ hour movie is excruciating yet you can binge watch a television series and burn through eight hours at a time? A movie should be as long as it takes to best tell its story. Period. And most Nollywood stories don’t require 2 ½ hours. It’s just too long. Worse still it is broken down into many parts leaving the viewer miserable.

After that one incident, my attention has been drawn severally to this Nollywood trend. I was just dealing with having to watch the end of some movies not knowing that these movies changed names after part one and two. You know from “angel’s love” part one and two to, “end of angels love” part one and two (hoping these are fictional names…), and now this whole season one to infinity if you ask me. I really do not know who came up with the idea, but I think it’s a killer.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there should be a clear distinction between proper movies and serials. Movie production is no joke and it is one of the major ways to show to others how serious we are as a country and how industrious we are. It is high time Nollywood stopped raining low-class movies into the market and even exporting it. What’s wrong in having a movie end at just one part or at most two parts? In fact, I categorize movies as “serious” when they end in one part or two because I really hate the rigor of sitting for long hours just to know the end of a movie. I am sure other movie lovers feel the same way.

Yes yes… we are one of the largest movie producers in the world but isn’t it high time we produced more quality than quantity? And yes, we have a handful of some really close to “standard box office movies” (which I know could be better) but what about our movie production in general? Nollywood in general, is improving at one percent in every ten years and at this rate I fear that until I am six feet under and have had like eight generations after me, Nollywood may still not have gone to Hollywood’s current standard. For this reason, I am saddened.

About the Author

Grace Ojekwe is a Mass Communication Lecturer with the National Open University of Nigeria.  She is also a Private Content Developer; Grace considers herself a life-long student of media and communication. You can send her an email

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