Casino Delves Into the World of Politics, Power and Godfatherism


Micromedia’s new TV Series Casino is set to heat up our Screens. The producers of this movie and series have gone above and beyond to ensure that their most recent work is marked with quality.

Casino is movie series that  Micromedia is proud to launch into the Nigerian market.

According to Shile of Micromedia, “Aside from it being a movie series, we have decided to create a 90 minute movie version of Casino which will be released in series. We are not only putting it in the tube as a TV series, but we are also releasing it as a movie which will be distributed across different cinemas in Nigeria and outside the country. We are also going to have a series that will show weekly on TV stations and mobile. What we do in Micromedia is that we have a forte for distribution and we go from TV, Mobile and video on demand”, she said.


It is an action drama series revolving around the control of a political dynasty, economic wealth of a state & family business which fosters infidelity, assault, seduction & betrayal. It is built around a pseudo State named Coastal State controlled by a Godfather that everyone must obey and bow down to. The glamour and wealth of his business interest across coastal state sets the players, haters, and innocent and underworld gangsters inside the famous Grand Casino.


Prof. Emeka C. Douglas is a Billionaire Businessman & Industrialist; a Political Godfather who controls the entire economic activities of his State. His son, Patrick Douglas is being groomed to inherit his father’s conglomerate especially his Political Kingdom. Patrick is married to Adamma whose best friend, Monisola’s ambition is to attain the exalted position of Mrs. Douglas.

‘Casino’, produced by Micromedia Marketing Limited, was unveiled at a media parley held recently at Federal Palace Hotel.

See photos from the media parley below.


To produce and maintain this international standard, Micromedia, according to Shile invested heavily in the CASINO production. It was a masterstroke that many may not believe  was shot in Nigeria but according Shile the film was shot in Ibadan, Oyo State for a period of weeks.

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