Award- Winning Filmmaker, Ishaya Bako’s New Documentary Explores Victimization of Women in Abuja

A new documentary on the victimization and abuse of women in Abuja will be premiered in October. 
The documentary, which is titled SILENT TEARS, was directed by award- winning filmmaker, Ishaya Bako . In 2013, Ishaya Bako’s documentary about the fuel subsidy scam in Nigeria, ‘Fueling Poverty’, attracted wide attention when it was banned for being highly provocative. 
The new documentary, SILENT TEARS, was funded by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA). It explores the methodical victimization of women in Abuja by a task force established by the Federal Capital Territory Administration to apprehend and rehabilitate sex workers. 
The October premiere of the documentary will take place in Abuja. Other screening dates will be announced subsequently.

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