AMVCA Winners – Tope Tedela & Kehinde Bankole Lead the Cast of “Apostates”

Three ambitious friends, fed up with a life of poverty decided to venture into church business to make ends meet and to live the life they always desired, until they met their waterloo and it all came falling part Ambition makes a man, yet ambition has ruined many; Thus goes Apostates, a story of four ambitious youths who work hard at duplicity with the grand aim of being successful, rich and somewhat famous.

The much-anticipated Apostates, a new flick from Weaverbird Studios is coming to Lagos’ cinemas and movie buffs are in for a swell treat of quality acting and great story plot. Apostates, a gripping fast-paced thriller, depicts the extent human beings can go to succeed in life as well as the prevalent case of churches being set up solely for business purposes.

It’s the story- of draconian church hustlers who leverage on people’s yearning to connect with a higher being; of unbridled ambition and great deception which leads to ruin, of friends who want out of poverty, and therefore, decide to venture into church business to make money off God-seeking worshippers.

The movie, which stars AMVCA winners, Tope Tedela and Kehinde Bankole as well as Nobert Young, Doosuur Jon uan and Paul Utomi, was directed by James Omokwe, on location in Abeokuta, Ogun state and Lagos state.

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