Most Disappointing Nollywood Movie of 2015

Is there anything worse than being disappointed by a movie? Think of the Nollywood movies you waited patiently and eagerly for, only to discover that everything you imagined in your head hadn’t made it up onto the screen. Like, at all.

Flicks whose ingredients seemed perfectly placed, only for the final product to emerge mediocre in every sense? Movies with marketing campaigns that made us feel as though their studios were promoting genuine classics? Exotic premieres home and abroad? What about the movies that boasted an idea so brilliant that it seemed impossible for the filmmakers to screw it up? Here’s our pick of one movie that falls into such a category: despite the esteemed cast and crew, it failed to meet our (rightly) high expectations.

I never thought the day will come when I will criticize a movie with Ramsey Noauh & Mercy Johnson. “Thy Will be Done” was by far the most disappointing movie of 2015. It still baffles me how a Christian-themed movie with such a great cast managed to be so bland. Church/Christian-themed movies are typically embraced by the Nigerian audience due to our religious affiliations. Previous movies in this genre like: Out of Bounds, The Pope Must Hear This, Private Sin, Church Business became instant hits with Nigerians. So what was the problem here?


We had expected  Thy Will be Done to be an outstanding narrative, but it fell short.  In “Thy Will be Done” we were presented with a real delicate issue; A married pastor finds out that his late wife whom he thought he buried is actually alive and now he  must make the choice of who really is his God-given wife, the wife whom he assumed dead- Mary Njoku or his current wife whom the Church has come to know and love – Mercy Johnson? The controversy that a clergyman is married to two women and the battle in the ‘polygamous’ home are the thrust of Thy Will be Done.

The audience was eager to see who he chooses and what criteria he uses. However, while we waited  for a build-up and climax of this story; we got no such thing. Instead, in typical Nollywood fashion, the story takes a dramatic turn by now painting Mercy’s character as that of a violent, aggressive and unstable woman who doesn’t have any Christian traits. Don’t forget this is the same woman the elders of the Church are rooting for to remain the pastors wife.

In the midst of this chaos, the pastor resigns from the church stating that he wants to seek God’s face and resolve issues at home. The only issue he succeeds in resolving  is getting the first wife- played by Mary Njoku pregnant. Certainly, this compounds issues for all.

Despite the gaps in the story, the most baffling part is the end of the story. Mercy’s character apparently has now become a full-blown psychopath and murderer, so she kidnaps/lures Ramsey and Mary to a hideout with the intention of killing both of them.

This story is really far fetched  and not much was done in terms of character development to sell such a contrived story to the audience. Sadly, some of my favorite Nollywood acts were featured in this movie.

For Obi Emelonye the director of this movie, if the saying that ‘You are as good as your last show’ is anything to go by, then his last show, Thy Will be Done, leaves much to be desired.

6 thoughts on “Most Disappointing Nollywood Movie of 2015

  1. I haven’t seen this movie but I think more could definitely have been done regarding the script. What would’ve happened had they left Mercy’s character as a God fearing woman? Maybe devoted time to building a more worthy climax? I think time had the best of the director. Now I guess I won’t be seeing the movie after all. Sad because I do love Ramsey and Mercy. *smh*

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  2. Thanks for this. Nice review. Nollywood as an industry has come a long way, but we still have quite a lot to do in content development.


  3. I wasn’t surprised. I think Obi’s movies are rather overrated. I have never gone to a cinema to watch any of them and never will… from Mirror boy to Last Flight to Abuja to Thy will be done…. The stories just seem disconnected… I don’t know how he gets top rated actors into lead roles..Genevieve, Omotola, now Ramsey Noah…. isssh

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    1. @ Someone. I think he uses the big names to get people interested. But most of the time…there’s really no content. Obi Emelonye really needs to work on content development if he wants to be considered a serious film maker.


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