The Enyi Foundation For Community Development

Enyi Foundation for Community Development (EFCD) is a Non-Governmental Organisation that is enthusiastic about Basic Education, especially for schools and children in the rural areas. Hence, the

Hence, the organization has mapped out projects that enhance the quality of education that children in the rural areas acquire, by carrying out activities that encourage them to attend, stay in school and to enjoy the art of learning. By this, we hope to gradually cut down and finally eliminate the rate of boy-child-drop out syndrome, which is prevalent in Southeastern Nigeria and girl child marriage, which is prevalent in Northern Nigeria. But most importantly, we plan to drastically reduce the level of illiteracy in Nigeria.


Education is the weapon with which illiteracy is fought.  So many children desire and aspire to be great, but lack the adequate background to achieve it.


Many students who are lucky to have access to education, attend schools with torn and worn school uniforms or mufti, plastic bags as school bags, slippers as sandals, though some may be barefooted, one exercise book for all the subjects, no pencil or pen.


For a child to be able to function properly in a school environment, and also in the society, he needs to have a level of confidence.  Lacking the basic materials they need in school, robs them of their respect among their peers.  We must ensure that this confidence is instilled in these kids at an early stage. They must not suffer inferiority complex as a result of their economic status.


We desire to lighten the burden on the parents of children with low- income background by providing the necessary materials they need in school.


Enyi Foundation has made it a tradition to provide public primary school children with the following:


School uniforms


School sandals




Exercise books




Blue, red and black Pens


Pencil pouches/boxes


Coloured pencils












Glue sticks


Water bottles


Lunch boxes… e.t.c


The cost of sponsoring a child is N8,000 ($48).


Enyi Foundation cannot do this alone, as we do not have external funding.  We therefore, use this medium to solicit for your help. If you are passionate about education please donate to the cause and ensure a child goes to school with confidence.


Please make your donations to Enyi Foundation , GTB AC no- 0162228549, or visit us at EFCD.ORG



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