Movie Review: Couple Of Days

Review by: WANA   360nobs

Couple Of Days review. Disclaimer: We don’t have a fridge, so there are some spoilers in this post.

Couple Of Days review
Couple Of Days review

Movie facts

Title: Couple Of Days

Released: February 5, 2016.

Cast: Lilian Esoro, Ademola Adedoyin, Enyima Nwigwe, Kiki Omeili, Okey Uzoeshi, Adesua Etomi, Olayode Juliana and Falz The Bahd Guy

Director: Tolu “Lord Tanner” Awobiyi

Genre: Drama

Movie plot

Three couples decide to take a weekend getaway and head out to a friend’s home in Ibadan. However, their happy break is ruined when little gossip lead the couples to share more personal secrets than anyone is willing to reveal and makes them all ask the question? Does love really last more than a Couple of Days?

Now, let’s review the movie itself.

Poor directing

While I was doing my research for this movie, I stumbled upon a piece that stated that movie director Tolu Awobiyi shot this movie in 4 days. After watching this movie, I wish he had taken a much longer time with it. The cameras were all over place, jumping in and out of scenes like a 7-year old was at the helm. Once I thought there was an error and I watching Chelsea vs Tottenham, only to realize it was part of the movie, and they just felt like giving us a full screen view. Other times it felt like we were in a first person shooter video game. Sigh. I no talk again. Very poor directing.

Falz the very very bahd guy

Falz was arguably the only bright spot in the vast darkness that was this movie. The rapper, who is a part-time comedian on social media, showed he was also made for the big screen, delivering a great performance in his movie debut. He provided a perfect comic relief for a movie that desperately needed it, and I’m looking forward to seeing him in more movies.

Sparse, poor content

The movie seems to have been produced hurriedly, with the lack of content being a further pointer to that fact. So much time was spent glorifying brands like Linda Ikeji and Agodi park, which I presume played a part in financing the movie. The movie’s plot jumps around like a rabbit in heat, with Adesua Etomi going from being the happiest wife to the crying heartbroken wife, and almost immediately Lilian Esoro goes from forgiving her husband to running away and dying in a car accident. And then she (or her ghost) shows up at the burial. Me I’m confused.


I had high hopes for this movie, and they were sent crashing back down hard. Falz’s bits would make you laugh however, so I guess that’s something. The movie has a sequel coming, and if it’s anything like the first, I’m not sure I want to put myself through this again.

360Meter rating: 120°

Couple Of Days is showing at is showing at Film House cinemas, Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, Ozone cinemas and Silverbird Cinemas. Watch the trailer below.

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