Fitness Goals: 12 Nollywood Celebs We Envy

 By: Chinwe Obinwanne

Talent, body and good looks are some of the criteria we judge our celebrities by. When a certain actor or actress gets a pass mark in all three, we behold them with admiration.

Blogs and Instagram are rife with images of some of our actors and actresses posing in swim-suits and towels. These posts have people oohing and aahing at the sight their bodies are. These bodies are of course worth flaunting or else the celebrities would not dare let the world see the pictures.

These bodies are also a product of healthy eating habits and a good enough dose of fitness. You see, every actor who is smart knows that not only their talents but their bodies are part of the package in determining how far they will go in the industry. Call me vain, but truth is, I’m just saying aloud what most think in their hearts.

Many can try to forgive an actor or actress who has a great body and face but cannot act quite well, but only a select few will attempt to speak mildly of an actor or actress who can neither act nor have a body to distract from the poor acting skills.

There are some of our actors who have put in the work to look good. Knowing that they are role models to many, in no particular order, here are a few who may motivate some of us to hit the gym and turn the other way when presented with calorie-infested meals and drinks.

Kenneth Okolie


There is a reason this handsome dude won Mr. Nigeria in the past and I bet his physique had a lot to do with it.


Not only is he a good actor, Kenneth gets eyes (female) glued to the screen especially when he decides to do a shirtless scene. His body is ripped and fit.

Kate Henshaw


Who looks this good at 45? Kate, that’s who!

We’ve watched her grace our screens for over two decades and boy, is she a role model for every woman as we age.



She is the perfect definition to ageing beautifully just like old wine. Kate takes her fitness very seriously and has a fitness DVD to show for it. At the rate she works out and lives a healthy lifestyle, she could look 30 by the time she’s turning 60.

Richard Mofe Damijo ( RMD)


This Nollywood veteran would probably not have made this list a decade ago; but today, his efforts in taking his health and overall fitness seriously has earned him a spot on this list. He is tall, handsome, extremely talented, healthy and fit.


Plus did I mention he is a grandfather?

Genevieve Nnaji


Oh, my! Genevieve is on this list for obvious reasons. After 18 years of gracing our screens, she could still play the role of a teenager and rock it good.



Many ladies would give an arm and a leg to look as good as Genny does at her age. She is to the Nollywood movie screen what chocolate is to a cake. Just yummy.

Yvonne Jegede


This beauty who came to limelight after her scene in Tuface Idibia’s ‘African queen’ music video has a lot going for her. We all know she is a great actress and has a beautiful body on her.


What is new however is that this bombshell has taken to fitness and now looks even better than before. The screen and viewers will definitely love this new and fit Yvonne.

Beverly Naya


This dark-skinned eye-candy is sexy and she knows it. Plus she puts in some work at the gym. Some weeks ago, she let us in on her fitness motivation – her mum. yep, Beverly’s mum ran the Lagos marathon and if that is not motivation enough to work out? I don’t know what is.



She is one lady that knows the power an actress wields with talent and great body.

Gbenro Ajibade




Gbenro Ajibade is in the business of looking good. He’s not only a model, he’s an actorso he understands the importance of looking his best. Imagine a pot-bellied and plump Gbenro showing up on your screen? Not a good sight right?



Well, he damn well knows that too and does what it takes to keep you smiling when you see him on your screens.

IK Ogbonna


This light skinned actor and model had to make this list. Perhaps, his being a model has informed the constant care he takes of his body since as a model, your body is your selling point.


He is fit as a fiddle and knows it too.

Jim Iyke


Nollywood bad boy Jim has gone shirtless in more movies than one for us to see those muscles on his arms and abs.


He has remained consistent in his looks over the years and that sure takes some work and discipline.

Mercy Johnson



Many had suggested that Mercy had the fat gene in her and that she would blow up after having her first baby.



But three kids down the line, this sweetheart still has a body that turns heads.

Ini Edo


Ini’s  body is the dream. The Nollywood poster girl may not admit that the pressure and criticisms got to her, however, it is evident that she’s a lot more confident and more beautiful.


Ramsey Noauh


For more than 20 years, Ramsey has made his physical fitness a commitment, training hard for a great body and remaining very relevant in this fleeting industry.


Celebrities are role-models whether they like it or not. Their lifestyles rub off on many who look up to them more than they can imagine. It is good to see that some of them take their health and fitness seriously. If this trend and that of perfecting the art of acting continues in the industry, we would have on our hands, a crop of individuals who would do what it takes to keep us entertained and our eyes well-fed. They would also encourage more men and women especially those who look up to them to better themselves physically and otherwise.

These people are some (not all) of the fittest looking actors in Nollywood.  Is there anyone that is missing on this list, please let us know in the comment section.

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