GDC Nolly Thursday is Here

Get your groove on as the new ‘industry night’ for Nollywood is here! GDC’s Nolly-Thursdays is the new ‘industry night’ for the Nigerian film industry where Stars meet fans… Every Thursday, you now get to hang out at Genesis Deluxe Cinemas with your favorite Nolly Stars up close and personal as never before…


With Red-carpet excitement, Selfies, Interviews, lots of Cocktails, Nigerian movies at discounted prices, DJ Sensi Lo to rock your world and lots more… Hangout with Rita Dominic this Thursday 18th February, 2 evening shows for “Surulere” and on 25th of February, the Nollywood veteran, Tunde Kelani graces the platform with 2 evening shows for the classic movie “Thunderbolt”

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