RMD Shares Success Nuggets with Entertainers


RMD COOLRICHARD Mofe- Damijo is a veteran actor with an undeniable status as a father figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry. The former Delta State Commissioner of Culture and Tourism shared from his wealth of experience in the industry on the secrets of success and staying power in the industry. His message was succinct and straight to the point in which he advised young entertainers not to be detracted by the popularity and glamour of showbiz.

In his post of Wednesday, April 27, he said that wisdom is extremely important in handling fame, and is much more important than the struggle to achieve it. As he put it on his Instagram page “The discipline to graciously handle fame is more important than the struggle to gain fame. It is a person’s ability to handle the trappings (of fame) that determines his/her staying power.”

The father of five is happily married to former screen gal; Jumobi Mofe- Damijo, nee Adegbesan.

Continuing his post, he also advised celebrities remain humble, remain grounded, and be disciplined. As he put it, “Stay humble, be disciplined, and keep it real. Fatherly advice. RMD says so.”

Prior to finding fame and fortune, RMD worked as a reporter with the defunct Concord newspaper, and Metromagazine. He cut his teeth on the Nigerian screen with the rested soap Ripples, which led to countless roles in movies and television. The Warri born actor is a Theatre Arts graduate of the University of Benin, and holds a Law degree from the University of Lagos.

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