Meet the Young Doctor Risking it All for Nollywood

UCHEUche Aguh grew up believing he was destined for a future in medicine.

It was a calling that even landed the Nigerian-born creative at one of the top black universities in America. But last year, Aguh decided to take what he describes as the biggest risk of his life: “It wasn’t about quitting. It was about saving my life.”
With just one year left of medical school, Aguh found himself getting too emotionally attached to his patients.
“But those feelings were perhaps there for a reason,” says the 26-year-old, who developed a passion for acting while growing up in Nigeria.
“I couldn’t verbalize it in my household. But I would watch Nollywood films with the family, then draw the characters in my room, cut them out and reenact the whole thing.”

Directorial debut

It seems Aguh has come full-circle since leaving his medical studies. He recently finished post-production of his debut film “I Still Do” — which he wrote, directed and even stars in.
The budding filmmaker describes it as a modern-day Nigerian love story, inspired by European art-house cinema.
“I want people to understand [my style is]… not a niche or foreign concept. People can be academic and creative at the same time.”
Aguh pulled off the project on a modest budget of €4,000, about $4,400, after finding both a cinematographer actress through social media.
The trailer for their film has already received over 10,000 views on YouTube and the trio hopes to premiere it soon.
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