Cinema Pointer Movie Review: 8 Bars and a Clef

Directed by

Chioma Onyenwe

It features appearances from: Wale Ojo, Kehinde Bankole, Linda Ejiofor, Ibk Spaceshipboi, Bimbo Akintola, Olumide Oworu.

8 bars and A Clef
Bottom line, ‘8 Bars and a Clef’ is an abstract kind of flick, which in the final beat, is sure to leave you feeling like- “It was just there.” So, if you are hitting the cinema this weekend and you are hell bent on having a great time, then pass on this; there’s just too many better offerings at the cinema this weekend to make this a worthy contender. It’s the kind of movie you see in the middle of the week, when you’ve seen everything else.

Verdict: This is not a must see, not by a mile, and though ‘8 Bars and a Clef’ is overall entertaining; it offers nothing special. I really can’t say I had an exhilarating time seeing this; it started quite well, on a high tempo, then somewhere in the middle it just goes numb and stays numb all the way to its uninspiring and abrupt ending, which only helped to highlight the BIGGEST problem with this flick- Like its title, it’s got no goal; so much ambition, but no destination. It’s obvious the producers really wanted to make a BIG BANG! But unfortunately, they forgot to put a soul in this.

‘8 Bars and a Clef’ has got a lot of ambition. But it lacks consistency in every area; it’s all over place- The production, the sound, the story… all seem jumbled together. For example, the acting, which is average at best, was all over the place. One minute it was great and the next minute, it leaves you feeling like you are seeing a school play with scared actors devoid of any chemistry. However, Linda Ejiofor and Wale Ojo, Adé Bantu were on point! But try as they may, they couldn’t save the Bars on this Clef (Whatever ‘Clef’ means?)

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