Movie Review: ‘Ghana Must Go’ is Most Definitely A Nollywood and Ghollywood Triumph!

Cinema Pointer reviews Yvonne Okoro’s ‘ Ghana Must Go’
Synopsis: The comedy revolves around two young lovers who are of Nigerian and Ghanaian origin. Ama, a London-based Ghanaian woman, brings her Nigerian boyfriend home to meet her parents much to the displeasure of her wealthy father.

Starring: Yvonne Okoro, Kofi Adjorlolo, Ik Ogbonna, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Helen Paul, Ada Ameh and Nkem Owoh
Verdict: This movie is stupid as hell! But freakishly funny. If you are going to see this, make sure to leave your common sense at home; because you will find no logic here, only an outlandish, ridiculous and shameless offering of comedy. So if it’s laughter you are looking for, then I assure you, you won’t find it better served this weekend than in ‘Ghana Must Go’. You will laugh and you will laugh hard! Go for it!

‘Ghana Must Go’ is most definitely a triumph! A Nollywood and Ghollywood triumph! It parades some very solid acting; look out especially for Kofi Adjorlolo. The dialogue is mostly superb and the production is top notch; you can easily see throughout, that the makers went the extra mile. And though they didn’t pull off a perfect, they definitely get top marks for effort. And Nkem Owoh was at his best; he shines through, remaining true to his art… Ridiculous and funny as ever. Nkem Owoh is madt! And madt, is good!


Recommended. It’s worth seeing at the cinema. But remember, only if you are willing to turn your brain off for the duration and let your Heart do all the work.

See the trailer and get more details below:

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