Must Watch: ‘The Secret Princess’ – An Animated Movie with Desmond Elliot, DJ Cuppy & More

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After 3 years of production, we finally have the first look at ‘The Secret Princess’, a story about a king wary of his crown and seeking for a male heir to the throne.

The animation stars DJ Cuppy as the lead actress, Sade with Desmond Elliot as a supporting actor.

See the stills from the animation below to give you a good idea of what to look forward to when it starts showing at the cinema.

The Secret Princess_26The Secret Princess_27The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_1_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_30_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_32_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_33_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_34_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_35_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_36_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_37_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_38_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_40_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_41_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_42_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_43_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_44_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_45_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_46_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_47_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_48_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_49_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_50_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_51_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_52_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_53_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_54_00000The_Secret_Princess_THE SECRET PRINCESS_55_00000

Soundtrack for the movie is by Davido.

Plot: A king wary of his crown and seeking for a male heir to the throne; consequently leads to two newborn babies being switched, a princess and a farmers son. Following the mysterious disappearance of the farmer, the wife is accused of being a witch and to escape any consequences she runs away with the baby girl. Talking animals – A parrot that witness the baby…

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