Cinema Guide Reviews “Gidi Blues”

Rating: 6.5/10
Year of production: 2016/ Cut 24 Productions
Director: Femi Odugbemi
Cast: Gideon Okeke, Hauwa Allahbura, Daniel Lloyds, Lepacious Bose, Bukky Wright, Tina Mba, Nancy Isime and Banky W.
Genre: Romantic Drama
Language: English
Running time: 103minutesGIDIBLU



The beautiful depiction of our very own Eko Idumota in this movie won it a loud round of applause and although the story and acting was a bit bland, it was eventually worth the watch.

Akin (Gideon Okeke) is the overly indulged jobless playboy son of a successful business woman (Bukky Wright) in Eko Idumota. He goes to visit her in the market one of these days when she seized his credit cards for having failed to bring home a wife. By chance, he meets Nkem (Hauwa Allahbura) who he later falls in love with and who through her passion for imparting and transforming the lives of young ones was able to turn his life around.

One of the most colorful movies I have seen in a long time; the depiction of Eko Idumota and some other local areas of Lagos was simply beautiful! I am still celebrating the new stance for the use of our indigenous names and languages now prevalent in our movies; it’s nice to see there’s an awakening to the richness of our culture and how it’s being infused into our movies. Simply beautiful.

The storyline was a bit too bland and straightforward, though. There really wasn’t any climax to the story. I waited for the ‘ghen ghen’ moment but was sad because there actually wasn’t any. An attempt would have been when Nkem was told by Akin’s friend Jaye (Daniel Lloyds) that Akin actually had a fiancée. But like I said, it was just an attempt, it didn’t really work.

I had very high expectations for this movie and although I wouldn’t say I was disappointed, I wasn’t excited either.

The actors did really well with their acting but it wasn’t so fantastic and so no one really got a standing ovation. I love Gideon Okeke and having seen him fantastically play a lover boy once in ‘When Love Happens’ I can actually say improvement has shone on the tall, light and handsome. They were good but not ‘wowing’.

The cinematography was excellent! Femi Odugbemi is a maestro! Almost tempted to say I do not think anyone in the industry can match this yet. At least, this year. The sound was great, costume and makeup were gorgeous. The Director of Photography and Editor obviously knew what they were doing. Those scenes, transition, and delivery were remarkable.

You will be proud of Lagos, the Nigerian industry, and Love. It is certainly worth a try.


Source: Cinema Guide

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