Cinema Pointer Reviews “North East”

Watch OC Ukeje, Ini Dima-Okojie, Carol King in "North East"

Verdict: A fantastic movie with what might seem like your everyday run of the mill Nollywood story-line, but turns out quickly to be one storyline with a super serious twist up its sleeves that is an intriguingly intense plot. It parades some seriously applaudable acting prowess; every single actor was on top of their game in North East. Making this essentially a bonafide Nollywood triumph.

It might start out quite slow and even seemingly annoying, but do wait for it to rev up, and you will find that with its brilliant plot, great acting and a torrent of laughter inducing awkwardness, it packs a heavily entertaining punch that is sure to leave you with that sweet feeling of satisfaction you only get when you’ve spent your dime quite well.

This is worth seeing, so we gladly recommend. Go for it!

"North East" character poster

Synopsis: Emeka Okafor  (OC Ukeje) is a physiotherapist by day and dance instructor by night. He meets and falls in love with Hadiza Ahmed (Ini Dima-okojie). This relationship displeases Hadiza’s Father.

Starring: OC Ukeje, Ini Dima-okojie, Gbenga Titiloye, Saeed “Funky Mallam” Mohammed, Carol King, Sandra Stevenson, Belinda Yanga

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