K.O.K, Bimbo Akintola, Mercy Johnson, Queen Nwokoye & Ime Bishop Okon to Feature in “Prof. Johnbull”

As new TV social satire series, Prof. Johnbull, prepares to hit the tube, the cast and crew of the drama series sponsored by Globacom, have expressed great excitement over the  communications company’s involvement and support for the production.
The drama series is set in Enugu, South East Nigeria and is billed to feature some of the best actors in Nigeria’s movie industry. They include Kanayo O. Kanayo who plays the major role, Prof. Johnbull and Mercy Johnson as well as Bimbo Akintola, Ime Bishop Okon, Queen Nwokoye, Junior Pope, among others. The excited Nollywood stars have been on location for weeks to shoot the series.

According to KOK, “It feels so fulfilling playing the lead role Prof. Johnbull. I feel honored to be chosen to interpret this role. It’s a huge challenge; in fact it is one role I see as being too technical for me to play, technical because the high-sounding grammar the character speaks, is that, which you must have to research, and that means you have to keep on rehearsing yourself every day.”

Nollywood  star, Mercy Johnson excitedly noted that  “Prof. Johnbull drama series will have a huge impact on the society because it is a social satire which is meant to teach and entertain at the same time and that is what this is just doing, teaching the society as well as entertaining them. “The drama series, I’m sure, will help to correct the ills in the society. I mean the South Eastern audience will really enjoy it a lot. My role is a comic character called Caro, an illiterate girl who sells oranges but found favor in the professor’s daughter who convinced the dad to bring her in to be part of the family,” she opined.
Yomi Fash-Lanso  who plays the character, Olaniyi, a Southerner who runs an “Nkwobi joint” in the series, described  the drama as educative and entertaining saying it  would inform  South Easterners in particular and Nigerians in general about the need for peaceful co-existence among tribes in the country.

Said Fash-Lanso, “The drama series has a mixture of characters from different cultures and background in Nigeria. For instance, I play the role, Olaniyi, who is a Southerner; Funky Mallam plays the role, Mallam Doya, a character who is a northerner and there are other characters who are Easterners.”
While showering encomiums on  Globacom for coming up with the initiative he added:  “Glo for me has always been a pacesetter; the company’s contribution to the entertainment industry in this country is unparalleled. They have always been at the fore-front of entertainment, and now coming up with this idea, I mean… wow…”

Elizabeth, a character played by Queen Nwokoye, Prof. Johnbull’s daughter, expressed similar views. “Prof. Johnbull is the first-of-its-kind here in the South-East. Trust me, viewers would always dash home to watch every episode, because I’m sure they wouldn’t want to miss it, even for a minute”.
Funky Mallam of Northern descent also said that, “I’m feeling at home here in Enugu. The location is just warm and friendly. My role is Mallam Doya, a Hausa man who sells yam. The concept of the drama series is a nice one. I believe viewers will be glued to their TV screens.”
The series’ producer/director, Tchidi Chikere, said during the Dream FM interview that  the concept of developing Prof. Johnbull as a TV. Drama series is commendable. He listed the merits of the series to include  the emphasis placed on peaceful co-existence among the different tribes in Nigeria.

Source: Daily Independent Nigeria

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