Cinema Pointer Reviews ‘The CEO’


Verdict: Wow! Wow! Yes Wow! ‘The C.E.O’ is a truly fantastic movie that screams- “Nollywood has arrived!” loudly; chest-thumping-ly loud! So, if you love Nollywood and have watched it grow, then it is a must you see this flick. It is simply Brilliant! So brilliant, that to miss seeing this, registers as a cardinal sin, second only to the sin of non-applause. ‘The C.E.O’, is just that fantastic!


A true masterpiece; ‘The C.E.O’ is everything, and we mean everything, Nollywood ever dreamed of achieving. In every single area, ‘The C.E.O’ proves to be a goal scorer. The acting is Superb. The script is Genius. And the production is Gold itself!

And so, we wager, that this movie will go on to be Nollywood’s Olympic torch bearer for years to come, and silver screens across Africa will marvel at its exceptionality, and bow at its feet. They will use it as a teaching aid in film schools, and a barometer in judging its peers. And they will say- “If ever there were a god in Nollywood, his name is Kunle Afolayan”.

Bravo! This is utterly recommended.

See trailer below:

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