Nse Ikpe Etim Launches African-Sourced Beauty Brand


POPULAR NOLLYWOOD actress Nse Ikpe Etim has launched a new ‘artisan’ beauty brand.

Made with rare wild-crafted African oils, including ximenia, manketti, baobab, mafura and marula, renowned for their moisturising and regenerating properties and ethically sourced from cooperatives in Africa, the vegan friendly, Eden’s Theory will sell multi-functional hair, body, skin and fragrance products.

The brand was created by award-winning Etim and with filmmaker Victoria Thomas.

Etim said: “People always ask about my skin and hair.

“Many of them assume that I use very expensive products, but I have actually always used natural oils and butters.”

She continued: “In Africa they are not in short supply because the heat and the high altitudes on the African continent make the perfect conditions to grow water retaining and sun resistant plants which consequently offer the same amazing benefits to the skin and hair. Through Eden’s Theory we want to share these natural beauty secrets with the world.”

Beauty lovers will get to customise their purchases with an online option which allows them to design their own fragrance.

Nse added: “Most brands refine African butters because of the heavy nutty aromas but this process involves stripping the oils of the most effective properties. By adding a bespoke, alcohol-free fragrance to it, you get to retain the best bits and ooze some of your personalty into a product of your choice.”

The range, which was one of the finalists at the 2016 Harrow Business Den, previewed its Perfume bar at the Meanwhile Space Pop Up Shop this week as part of a range of promotional activities to mark the launch of its online store.

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