Top 5 Movies Featuring Omotola Jalade


Omotola is featuring in Moses Inwang’s New Movie – Alter Ego  after a long hiatus, and while we don’t have the full details of what her role is going to entail, in a recent post, she stated, “this role is either going to make my fans love me more or hate me”. This sounds to us like she is going to be taking a huge risk with this project; we would probably see something she has never done before.  We would just wait and see.

Omotola-Jalade-Ekeinde elite Aquafina

She has been in the industry for over twenty years, and she remains relevant even without featuring in any project for over two years.

Omotola is a wonderful actress, she has transformed herself and gone the extra mile to create believability, it is not all of the colleagues she started with years ago that remain relevant in the industry till date. It can only be the ability to master the craft so well that has brought her this far.

Nollywood Observer counts down the top five Omotola movies, movies that feature this screen icon at her best.

  1. Blood Sisters

Director: Tchidi Chikere

Year: 2003

Omotola is Gloria in Blood Sisters; she plays alongside Genevieve Nnaji in the tale of siblings’ rivalry gone too far. This is a classic. You will see Omotola more as a ghost in this story but her ability to provoke raw emotions from the audience is compared to no other. Her endearing smile, the defeat she faces and the win at the end of it all is unrivalled. The film is online, you can check it out.

  1. Ties that Bind

Director: Leila Djansi

Year:   2011

Omotola is totally amazing in this Ghanaian feature alongside John Dumelo and Kimberly Elise. She features as an emotionally distraught woman known as Adobea, who is pregnant and unknown to her has a disease that makes her cough blood. She understands her craft very well; she is totally convincing and absolutely amazing Ties that Bind.

  1. Market Seller

Director: Tchidi Chikere

Year: 2003

I loved this film so much. OmoT plays alongside Lilian Bach. She is Angelica, the smart yet manipulative village girl that goes an extra mile to see that she gets the man of her dream because of money. It is a lesson about greed. The phrase Market seller, is in reference to her body, her mother played by Patience Ozokwor convinces her that, it is the only way women can get ahead by using their body by selling it off to the highest bidder. She learns a valuable lesson after. From the first scene to the final scene, you can’t help but to love Omotola, she will make you laugh, get angry and cry with her.

  1. The Prostitute

Year: 1997

A lot of controversy surrounded this film. In the prostitute she lacks strength; she is pimped and later finds strength. It was a bold effort and Omotola faced some backlash getting involved with this project but this film embodied a stark, uncomfortable and yet addictive clarity of what ‘some’ young girls all over the world that are underprivileged suffer. Omotola’s relationship with the character she plays shines all through. It is an introspective look into the lives of prostitutes and I doubt that if she refused this opportunity, we would see what we saw. What a talent!

  1. Ije

Director: Chineze Anyaene

Year: 2011

In Ije, Chioma (Genevieve Nnaji)  travels to her sister’s side to battle not only a flawed justice system with the aid of a young and disillusioned attorney, but the very notion of “truth” as the cultural values of two worlds collide after her sister, Anya, is charged with the murder of three men, one of them her powerful husband.

Omotola is Anya and here we see a continuation of a peculiar career and a clear growth of the actress. Omotola exuded boldness in Ije that could have only come from the reverence of a fantastic actress, and Omotola is that, a FANTASTIC actress.  Ije was a bold move from the director and thinking about it again, nobody would have interpreted Anya’s struggle better. There was a connection between the actor and the character that made it work. Watch the Ije trailer below

Omotola has been consistent and we cannot wait to see her in Alter Ego.


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Rejoice Abutsa is a ‘Theatre and film’ arts graduate from the University of Jos

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