Rejoice Abutsa: 6 Really Good Nollywood Actors Who are Underutilized

The best actors are those we never see much of. They are promising actors, they star in really good films and they offer their best and before we see them it takes a longer time. The best are underutilized, they are not screamed about like the others but when you see them, you see that they are really great at what they do and how they do it.

Through this countdown, we are going to suggest some of their works, go check them out and you will recognize their faces but they hardly get the critical respect that they deserve. On this list also you will realize these are actors that have been working in the industry as way back as 2004. They have been consistent. They define persistence and hard work and we would love to see them get the proper recognition they deserve.

6. Keira Hewatch: Keira is like a flower, the more you watch her the more she blooms, she is a great talent. From Two Brides and a Baby to Lekki Wives she evolved completely and her best performance comes from Dowry where she features very quickly as a mentally disturbed woman and she gives a great performance that just makes us ask, why is Keira not in more films?


5. Mary Lazarus: she got into the industry in 2009, she has featured in a couple of generic movies for example Blackberry Babes and films like Married but Living Single she always shines through despite the story or the theme of the film. Mary is an absolutely endearing actress and we would love to see her extend her craft beyond the clique films. She always does well on her own. I particularly love her in her very small role in the TV series Emerald. She is a talent.


4.Tope Tedela: Tope Tedela has been consistent over the years. As kids, we watched him in Edge of Paradise. That was as far back as 2006. He has played the supporting role several times and he has perfected his craft that way. It was only in 2013 he starred in his breakout role ‘A Mile from Home’ as Lala and then in 2015, he starred in ‘A Soldier’s Story’. In 2016, he was featured in Mildred Okwo’s Surulere in a small role and he embodied his effeminate character really well. I thought the AMVCA will earn him more movie roles and we would see him take the new leading man persona, but now I see him once in a while, in this production or that and everything is not doing justice to the talent that Tope is.


3. Bayray Mcwizu: Bayray is Amstel Malta Box office winner of the 2009 edition. She won because of her great potentials and unfortunately this potential is underutilized by Nollywood. If you doubt this you can check her in Cindy’s note, Emerald, Tales of Eve (a beautiful TV series) Lies Men tell and last year she held her own solidly beside Nse Ikpe Etim in the riveting film The Visit. I usually don’t pay much attention to other actors when Nse is involved but Bayray was an equal match to Nse, only with less recognition. Bayray’s best performance comes from the TV series Tales of Eve where she is mentally tortured in jail. She is such a great actress that we have to ask directors why are you not sending her more scripts?


2. Fabian Lojede: Of all the male actors I have seen in films, in recent times, Fabian is the best. I watched him as Bola, a tyrant on Jacob’s cross. He does not have the leading man’s persona; he is the leading man’s persona. Fabian evolves so easily, I would expect to watch him in new projects at least most of the time, as it is, it is not happening. He featured in Kunle Afolayan’s October 1 where he proved that he is an actor and his job is to evolve. Since then I have not seen Fabian on screen. I would love to think that such an actor is really selective about what he gets involved in and that is why we don’t see him all the time.




1.Kehinde Bankole: Kehinde is the most consistent on the list. Kehinde is hard working. Kehinde is beautiful and also talented. Kehinde interprets her roles so well; she leaves me with fan envy. Kehinde has been in the industry since 2005. Why is Kehinde not being celebrated like she should? If I start talking about Kehinde, I would not finish writing. I grew up watching Kehinde on Super Story from One Bad Apple, to The Grasshopper and Everything it takes. She was the most consistent face on Super Story, a good actress, worthy of so many accolades. Last year, I was the happiest girl in the world when Kehinde won an AMVCA, she was spectacular in October 1, and she was amazing in Desperate Housewives. Kehinde will continue to make strides in the little she does, whether she gets more recognition or not!


About the Author

Rejoice is a 21-year-old  aspiring Filmmaker and a big dreamer. She’s also a ‘Theatre and film’ arts graduate from the University of Jos, Nigeria.

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