Obasanjo’s book ‘My Watch’ will be Adapted into a Movie by Jeta Amata

These really are exciting times for Nollywood.

Just this week,eight homemade Nigerian films were selected to screen at this year’s Toronto International film festival. Also two rising stars – OC Ukeje and Somkele Idhalama have been selected by the festival to partake in a series of seminars and lecture; in addition, Superstar actress Genevieve Nnaji and frontline director-Kunle Afolayan will discuss Nollywood and the global audience at  this year’s film festival.

Just when we taught we couldn’t get any more good news, for the week, Jeta Amata announces that he’s been given the right to make one of the most politically controversial books in Nigeria’s history ‘My Watch’ into a Political Thriller

My watch is written by Former President Obasanjo. The story spans large expanses of time, from the pre-colonial Owu history, to early Abeokuta and the last throes of an independent city-state at turn-of-the-century colonial Nigeria, to the early life of Obasanjo, his civil war experience, his stewardship of the transitional government of 1976-1979, the interregnum, his second appearance on the national scene as a civilian president on Nigeria’s return to democracy in 1999, the completion of the first civilian-civilian transfer of government in Nigeria’s history that inaugurated the Yar’Adua presidency and signalled the end of Obasanjo’s tenure in office, and the years after.

Jeta Amata is a very talented filmaker and we are excited to see what he makes of this classic Nigerian political tale.

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