‘Green White Green’ Set for World Premiere

Cast of "Green White Green"

Following its selection for screening at the Toronto International Film Festival, TIFF in its City to City program, Green White Green, a movie which explores Nigeria’s history and evolution of violence, art and film told through the coming-of-age tale of aspiring artists in Lagos, will be holding a global premiere.

According to the producers, the movie will have its world premiere at TIFF on September 14 at the Isabel Bader Theatre.

The movie is the story of three young men from different classes who band together to escape the monotony of their parents’ generational demands and chase their creative dreams. In a satirical stab at the old straight to video Nollywood, Green White Green is a modern dramatic comedy that asks that question, “What does it mean to be Nigerian?”

“I fought to make this film come to fruition despite many limitations. With this film I wanted to express the experience of many young Nigerians who are lost inside a culture and history they are coming to grips with,” says rising filmmaker, Abba T. Makama.

Green White Green is lead by a powerhouse team of creatives; Executive Producer, Rimini Haraya Makama, listed in Forbes 20 Youngest Power Women in Africa (2014) Abba T. Makama, director of African Movie Academy nominated documentary Nollywood, commissioned by Al Jazeera, award-winning actor Ifeanyi Dike Jr. has been named a Top 30 Nigerian under 30, Top 21 Young Achiever under 21, among other accolades, Veteran Film/TV actor and Thespian Bimbo Manuel.

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