#TBT: Seven Nollywood Actors We Hope Will Make A Comeback

The 90’s and the early 2000 had really great actors, we cannot forget. There were really iconic films that some of us still long for, we want to watch them over again, and we want to see these actors again on the big screen. It seems like when we were busy watching them entertain us; they were making plans to retire from the industry.  We don’t hear anything about them; we have no idea where they are right now. Nollywood’s debut, ‘Living in Bondage’ had Kenneth Okonkwo in the lead role and while Kenneth, remains relevant in our industry (he recently featured in Wives on Strike), many of his colleagues have disappeared from the industry. It seems of all the actors featured in, Living in Bondage, Kenneth remains the only one still featuring in films here and there.

This countdown is of actors, we truly miss and today, we want to celebrate their past achievements in the industry, while we also ask where they are now? Will they come back soon to feature in one or two productions or have they left the film industry for good?

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Sandra Achums: Remember Sandra from the Nollywood Classic, Karashika, and Hatred (where she maltreats her mother, Patience Ozokwor). Sandra was an incredible actor, she featured in some of the best films in her time, I remember watching Kate Henshaw in an interview on Ebony Life credit Sandra, for helping her get into the industry. Sandra was featured in films such as Outcast, Deadly Affairs (1995) and Domitilla (1996). If Sandra makes a return, I will be the happiest person. We celebrate Sandra on this list.

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Saint Obi: Who remembers Take me to Mama (2002), which was an emotional rollercoaster. The film was famous for the tears it cost us. He was always beside Stephanie Okereke, they performed many stunts together in films like, More than a Woman and Sensational Spy. They were the perfect duo. They complemented each other, we still have Stephanie, and we don’t know where Saint Obi is. He also featured in films like State of Emergency and Narrow Escape.

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Sam Dede: Isakaba was a very famous film. It was in many rental shops. Other films Sam has featured in include Igodo (1997) Mission to Nowhere (2007). He was the perfect “authority” figure in Nollywood. It will be nice to see him return and take a great role on one of those great series on Africa Magic. Sam is currently a politician, but I sense a return very soon. RMD came back so why not, Sam Dede?

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Bob Manuel Udokwu: where is Bob? I saw him in a couple of pictures during the 2015 elections. Obviously, he was campaigning but what has happened to his film career. Bob was one of those gracious actors. It was easy to side with Bob whenever he was beside his regular brother- ‘Kanayo’ in films. He has featured in films like Living in Bondage (1992) Games Men Play (2006)


Rita Nzelu: Remember Rita? She featured in films where she was mostly the village girl. Remember her in funny films like Long John (2002), Akpu Nku(2003), Oga and his boys (2003). At a point she was always in films with Aki and Paw-Paw. She had moments in other films where she was able to shine through regardless of the roles that she was made to play. Rita was also featured in the Nollywood classic, ‘Living in Bondage’ (1992)

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Shan George: Shan George used to be a very rebellious actress, the first to dye her hair, the regular bad girl in films; she stretched herself and took unconventional roles in her time. Her debut role was in Thorns of Rose (1997), a year later, she produced her first film, All for Winnie (1998) while in her final year in the university. She featured in films like Blood Diamond (2004). Earlier this year, she returned in Beyond Blood but we want to see Shan beyond what she did in Beyond Blood.

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Pat Attah: Nollywood’s ‘finest boy’. Pat Attah was certainly one of the most admired actors in the 90’s. Famous for his lover boy roles, we hope this hunk graces our screens again.

This was such a bitter-sweet list. I almost cried while writing this list, just so much memory in these names and in these films. If you know where they are, tell them, the industry misses them. Meanwhile what actors do you miss?

6 thoughts on “#TBT: Seven Nollywood Actors We Hope Will Make A Comeback

  1. This was really a bitter sweet list.
    Now Nollywood is about hype. These were the real hardworking people.
    All those we have now…….
    The list forgot Chiege Alisigwe, Hanks Anuku, Regina Askia, Peter Bruno, Franca Brown, Lilian Bach. All these actors of now are jokers!

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    1. Hello C Baba, oh yeah, Hanks Anuku and the others mentioned were really good. The ‘new’ Nollywood actors must learn to strike a balance between actual talent & hardwork vs excessive media hype. Thanks for stopping by C Baba


  2. This is such a sweet list. I was just thinking about Saint Obi. Who knows where I can get Take me to Mama or Isakaba?
    I need to go back to old Nollywood. Aww!!!!
    Thank you for including Sandra Achums. I love this list!!!!!

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