‘The Hollywood Reporter’ Praises Ramsey Noauh’s Rock-Solid Lead Performance in ’76’

76 nollywood movieIzu Ojukwu’s politically charged love story, 76 was one of the eight Nollywood movies screened at the recently concluded Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The movie which has garnered massive media attention in the last few weeks will also be screened at the London Film Festival in the coming weeks.

L-R: Ramsey Noauh, Rita Dominic and Chidi Mokeme

In this review, the Hollywood Reporter describes 76 as ‘A Nollywood thriller with Hollywood aspirations’.

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” While director Izu Ojukwu does not entirely transcend the stilted, low-rent mannerisms associated with the prolific “Nollywood” film industry, his latest feature has potential to reach beyond local audiences and play internationally, especially in cities with large expat Nigerian communities.

But beyond these forgivable flaws, Ojukwu ultimately hits the target more than he misses. Noauh gives a rock-solid lead performance, radiating calm authority and moral unease without a flicker of histrionics. The period-perfect nods to Afrocentric fashion, music and hair are great fun, while Dewa’s dirty-dancing party-girl neighbor Eunice (Memry Savanhu) deserves her own spin-off movie. A crash course in Nigerian cinema for international viewers, ’76 is a worthy effort, striking a healthy balance between educating and entertaining”.

Read the full review HERE

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