I Want to Do More Colourful Roles – Rita Dominic

In this interview with Cleveland-based, urban culture and entertainment magazine, Urban Grandstand Digital (UGD);  Nollywood star Rita Dominic sheds light on her role in 76, her upcoming projects and more.

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We’re excited to connect with Rita Dominic, who is the star of the period piece film “76”, which centers around the 1976 military coup and assassination of General Mortal Mohammed. Produced by Adonijah Owiriwa and Izu Ojukwu, and also directed by Izu Ojukwu, it’s turning out to be the biggest film of Rita’s legendary career. Through today’s connection, we talk with Rita about the film and what it means for Nigerian culture, and we all talk about the other projects she has in the works. 

U.G. Digital Mag: This is such an amazing opportunity, and I appreciate you so much for it. I would love for you to begin by discussing how you first got into acting?

Rita Dominic: Yes, I started when I was very young. I was very much involved in school plays and television programs for children. I grew up acting, and then when I went to further my education, I studied Theater Arts. It didn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knew me. After school, I found myself in the industry. It’s been a journey so far, 18 years.


U.G. Digital Mag: Were you the first in your family to pursue entertainment?

Rita Dominic: Yes. I’m the only entertainer in the family, but thinking back, I believe I got my talent from my mom. She was a very funny woman. She would crack a lot of jokes, and laugh. She was a very dramatic woman (laughing).



U.G. Digital Mag: I think it’s so cool. Obviously, you’ve done a great deal. What is it like to know that you’re one of the biggest names from your area?

Rita Dominic: Honestly, it feels really good. It feels like the world is connecting with the quality of work we’re doing. What we do in our industry is tell stories. I think that what gives us edge is the fact that we tell simple stories that anyone can relate to. It feels good that the audience connects to it. Making that connection helps to get the industry to where it needs to be.


U.G. Digital Mag: I know that overall connectivity and the ability to show Africa to the world was so important to you. Why is that?

Rita Dominic: The parts shown to the world are not necessarily the good parts. We have this tool, that being television, that can be used to show the Africa that no one sees. We want them to see how beautiful it is, and the beautiful cultures and landscapes we have. We have so many talented people in our country. In the world, there’s good and bad everywhere. It looks like the bad outweighs the good, but we can change that perception.


U.G. Digital Mag: What type of things are being done to ensure the better parts are seen?

Rita Dominic: We’re doing that through storytelling, and filmmaking. That’s were my strengths are, and that’s how I can pass on the message. I’m using television to show this.


U.G. Digital Mag: What has been your goal in regard to the roles you take on and overall perception?

Rita Dominic: I want to do more colorful roles. I like for the audience to see my vulnerability. As an actor, I want the audience to connect with me in that way. In being vulnerable, you’re bringing everything you have, and you connect better overall. I like to play very strong roles that are “out of the box”.


U.G. Digital Mag: “76” has gotten a lot of buzz. Talk about your character in the film?

Rita Dominic: It’s a story set against the backdrop of our history in Nigeria. It involves a young soldier who finds himself in the middle of it all. His pregnant fiánce finds herself trying to do all she can to extricate him from the lies. This is happening 6 years after the civil war. It’s like it’s taboo for them to be together. It’s basically a love story around that period.

Read Complete interview HERE


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