YEAR: 2016



When Nollywood actors decide to produce movies, they rush into it. Almost like they have to keep up with something, they don’t take time to prepare and we have seen it time and time again in films in Nollywood. So Uru Eke’s, Remember Me, at first did not stir any particular interest, it was the same story-  a popular actress doubling as a producer but Uru is intelligent and her debut as a producer is beautiful.

In the film Remember Me, Uru Eke is Harida Cole. Blessed with the gift of seeing people that are about to die, she also helps their families prepare for the death. She is married to David Cole played by the very talented Femi Jacobs. He is a leading man in the mega influential corporation, Corporation-Y. The problem is Corporation- Y is involved in ruining people’s lives on the borders of Cameroon, just to get ahead with their corporation and to amass more fame and fill their bank accounts. Soon an investigative journalist played by O.C Ukeje arrives at their corporation and then a tussle begins. Another worthy character of note is Martin played by Eyinna Nwigwe, a close friend of Harida and  he is despised by David. There are a lot of events in this movie and it makes it the perfect thriller with the absolute intention to thrill its audience.

This is a beautiful story, first of all a woman that is blessed with the capability of seeing people that will die before they die. That is quite rare and a unique plot. The best part is that this particular ability is not created to be a curse in the film, Harida struggles with it, but she is featured as having a gift and not as, being a witch. It makes for very interesting actions, scene after scene, Remember Me leaves the viewer immersed in the collaboration of the writer and the director. That is not the only thing unique about Uru Eke’s debut as a producer; Remember Me features action sequences that are done very well.

The problem we have not quite come around in Nollywood is the bad sound and we get a dose of this in Remember Me. The sound is not perfect even though I will like to say the cinematography covers for all that, the fact is that it does not, watching Remember Me, I saw dull colours, it did not complement the film, it seemed like a problem of a faulty camera. It was not corrected before the final edit was released and it takes away from the beauty of this film because as we know, a film is not just about how fantastic a story is or how good actors make it enjoyable. The most important elements are the sound and cinematography and like so many other films, Remember Me gets it wrong. We have a very beautiful story, well executed but there are hitches here and there.

Acting wise, what do you expect in a film where you have Uru Eke, O.C Ukeje and Femi Jacobs, of course, behind the hype, these are professional and talented actors that know how to get the job done and they deliver in Remember Me. Ms. Eke carries the film well, and Femi Jacobs was well, Femi Jacobs. One person that I really don’t understand the more I watch him is Eyinna Nwigwe. He is handsome, he has the buff body but when it comes to acting, he is another stoic character, nothing mesmerizing, always the same. Doing the same things with no particular memorable action to his credit, maybe I’ve not seen enough of him in films but from Couple of Days, to For All the Wong Reasons and now Remember Me, Eyinna has been the same actor with different character names. I hope to see something worth applauding soon.

Despite the hitches in cinematography and sound, Remember Me is a film to watch. Uru has set herself aside from all her fellow actresses that double as producers. With such a debut, we can only expect a better production from her next time. Izu Ojukwu is a wonderful director and he proves it again in Remember Me.

About the Author

Rejoice Abutsa is a 21-year-old  aspiring Filmmaker and a big dreamer. She’s also a ‘Theatre and film’ arts graduate from the University of Jos, Nigeria.

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