Funmi Holder Screens Debut Movie ‘The Grudge’

Actress and Producer Funmi Holder, has now wrapped up production of her debut film, ‘The Grudge’.

 Image result for Funmi Holder Screens Debut Movie ‘The Grudge’

She hosted the cast, crew and celebrities to a VIP screening of the drama in Ikeja, Lagos.

The cast while sharing their experiences working with her, expressed joy over the outcome of the film.

One of the cast, Iretiola Doyle, said she is so proud of Funmi, for being able to play her roles properly both as an actress and a producer.

“It’s not easy and she has taken on this huge endeavor and I daresay that she has taken it on successfully” she said.

Being an actor herself, Mrs Doyle said “Funmi knows how to handle her actors too”.

The movie also stars fast rising actress, Ijeoma Aniebo who played the role of a poor woman, struggling by all means to support her family.

Ijeoma said she has been asked a lot of questions concerning her choice of role and in response to that she says “the human experience is a global experience and getting to understand what people are going through is incredible”.

For her, working with industry experts such as Ireti Doyle, Richard Mofe Damijo among others, was a career dream come true.

Richard Mofe–Damijo on the other hand, is well aware of his influence on the younger generation of colleagues in the film industry, including the movie director, who is also just having his first shot at directing.

According to him, if he notices the team involves a younger generation, he tries to make them as comfortable as possible.

The movie whose theme is centered on how to manage relationships and as the name implies, the effects of holding resentment for close associates with a focus on marriage and family, was directed by Yemi Morafa.


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