Sons of The Caliphate: A perfect Blend of Nollywood & Kannywood


EbonyLife TV’s new political and cultural series, Sons Of The Caliphate, premiered last week, at the Imax FilmHouse cinema, Lekki Lagos, with the mission to banish the stereotypes about Northern Nigeria like never before.

Created, written and produced by Dimbo and Karachi Atiya, and screen played by Sifa Asani Gowon, ‘Sons of the Caliphate’, a 13-part drama series which strum a unique thematic message, invites viewers into the rich, cultural and flamboyant aristocratic lifestyle of Northern Nigeria.

Starring solid actors in both Nollywood and Kannywood such as Patrick Doyle, Mofe Duncan, Sani Muazu, Rahama Sadau, Paul Sambo, Yakubu Mohammed, Yvonne Hays etc, the high-profile television series showcases a part of the North which has remained in the dark for ages. Who would have believed the Northerners enjoy the lavish  lifestyle portrayed by Kowa Caliphate? And like never before, the drama brings out the best of Kannywood.

Mofe Duncan who plays Nuhu Bula had this to say about the production and his character, “Sons of the Caliphate is simply a “shift”, a fresh perspective in television content. I jumped at the opportunity in playing Nuhu Bula because I saw the challenges. “Becoming Nuhu” was a hashtag I created because I knew that it will be a whole new journey for me playing a Hausa character. That process made me a better actor; you can call me versatile now.”

In this week’s episode, the political scheming begins. ALH Sani Bula the Billionaire wants to throw his son Nuhu into the mix for his own selfish reason. While ALH. Loko ties the noose round his political structure. I’m sure you want to know if Dikko caught Binta and Nuhu having a cozy lunch meeting? You’ll have to watch to find that out, but what I will tell you is Binta embarrasses Dikko by returning the car to him.

Watch the third episode of Sons of the Caliphate on Thursday at 22:00CAT/21:00WAT on EbonyLife TV, DStv channel 165.

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