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Korede (Stan Nze) is out to get revenge for the death of his mother, caused by Mr Alabamusa (Funsho Adeola). Alabamusa is a philanthropist and is quite influential. Korede plans his revenge by befriending Biola (Tamara Eteimo). Biola is the daughter of Alabamusa, it helps his plan. Being her friend means getting direct access to the target and getting valid information on him. As planned, eventually her father is kidnapped by Korede and his gang but they disagree about so many things, there is a clash between the gang mainly because of greed and their plan falls apart because they are unable to reach a resolution. Korede ends up the bigger loser.

Gone Grey is a story of a revenge plan gone wrong because of greed. It is a good story about anger, greed and it does not quite meet up to our expectation in the beginning, we only catch up with the story at least 20 minutes into the film. It starts slowly and is almost confusing at the beginning of the film. It does not set the tone for the thriller we expect. However, the film picks up in the middle and has a great ending. Scenes drag for too long with no genuine purpose or without adding to the story. It is a 1 hour 20 minutes film that tries to fill its first minutes with performances that seem there just to fill up the time.  The film is not one of those long films that will bore you once you are patient enough to sit through the first few minutes.

There are impatient people that go to the cinema, and that is the problem with Gone Grey dragging for the first few minutes. A film should drive its point in the first ten essential minutes. Some of us decide if to continue or not within those ten minutes.

Gone Grey has its purpose and the writer tries to make this purpose clear, even though we are only able to catch up far into the film, when the story finally reveals itself Gone Grey is highly enjoyable.

It also has an impressive cast. A very similar cast to Not Just Married and they give a stellar performance. I love films that feature new faces that are able to deliver. That is what makes Gone Grey refreshing. It was a very beautiful decision casting Stanley Nze as Korede. He does a spectacular job, he understands the character of Korede and he spices up the action in the whole film. He gives a nice performance that I expect will book him more roles. The rest of the actors are just as great. Funsho Adeolu offers the movie the depth and the maturity that strikes the balance. It is a film that appeals to young people but should offer a great topic of discussion for older folks.

The other aspects of the production are just as great. Cinematography is great, sound is great and the acting is commendable. It may not be a must see thriller but Gone Grey makes a wild effort that is difficult to ignore.

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