RMD is Searching For An Intern

Wouldn’t it be an absolute delight to be taken under the wings of RMD as an intern?  RMD has announced his search for an intern. After over three decades of acting and entertaining audiences around Africa, the actor, lawyer and former commissioner for culture is ready to inspire and mentor the next generation of actors and entertainers.

RMD realises that wisdom is not something to keep locked in a drawer; neither is empowerment something best kept to oneself, it should be shared with all

Here’s what he said:


It’s 10: 11: 16 😉
Nothing delights my heart more than the opportunity to teach, to mentor and inspire, however, my delight also comes from the fact that as I teach I learn, as I inspire, I’m inspired. That is why today 10: 11: 16 I officially announce my search for two interns who I will not only mentor, teach and hopefully inspire but young brilliant people this old man would learn a thing or two from. So if you are young, smart, humorous, willing to learn and would like to be my personal intern for a period of time then go follow my official account @rmdtheactor on Instagram and Twitter and wait for more details#RMDSaysSo #RMDsIntern#TheInternSearch

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