Rita Dominic has had a consistent and active career. At 41, the leading lady of Izu Ojukwu’s “76”  has remained relevant in the industry. As she grows older her star shines brighter.  From one production to another Rita is always fantastic. It is amazing to watch old Nollywood films and see how far Rita has come and to watch her career growth through the years.

76 is hailed as her best performance to date. She re-unites with Ramsey Noah this military-themed love story. She seems to be doing everything right, from intelligent interviews, to being the fashion icon we all love to admire. But above all, we connect with Rita because she has been consistent on our screen, making us smile constantly and being the ray of light we need as we struggle to attain our own success.

What is your favourite Rita Dominic film? I have a lot. I’ve been a fan for a long time, from her past collaborations with Eucharia Anunobi to the producer she is now, Rita has come a long way and so we celebrate her with a countdown of her best five films.

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Finding Mercy: Directed by Desmond Elliot, Rita Dominic is the best asset of all the actors featured in Finding Mercy. She plays a character that is afraid to confront her past; she is the hypochondria character that spices up the whole production. It is not a production I will expect Rita to take part in but she does and she does a great job because she is Rita Dominic and with every performance she proves that research is an important ingredient for a great actor.

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White Waters: Izu Ojukwu directs this one and it is O.C Ukeji’s debut as an actor, what make it fantastic is that he is accompanied on this journey with some of the best actors from Joke Silva to Rita Dominic. Rita is cast as an athlete and though physically she does not match what we expect in an athlete, she makes up for it off the field. She plays O.C’s love interest and it is interesting to watch how she balances this role and gives a very beautiful performance in this inspirational sports drama.

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Iyore: Frank Rajah directs Rita in this production and she carries the whole story effortlessly. The film has its issue here and there but it is a great effort. Rita is supported by wonderful actors such as Yemi Blaq and Joseph Benjamin and she shines through every scene, especially in the scenes with Yemi Blaq. She does not limit herself and in Iyore alone, we see Rita explore her range. She is calm, she is unsure and angry as Osarugue but she is great in this production. At the end of it all Iyore is a highly memorable film because of Frank Rajah’s decision to cast Rita Dominic.

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Wedding Fever: This is one of my favourite Nollywood classics. I watched it again earlier this year and I have not seen a film that tackles all the theatrics that comes with anticipating a Nigerian wedding. I have not seen such a soulful comedy with a focus on weddings. Rita and Saint Obi play an engaged couple, she is the overzealous bride to be and is unsatisfied with everything. They cancel the wedding many times due to recurring issues relating to how their wedding should be. She wants a white jeep to take her to the church; she wants an expensive gown, she wants this and that and everything. Saint Obi and Rita are a match made in cinematic heaven and what we end up with is a wonderful film that will not be forgotten soon.

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The Meeting: The Meeting is one of those great films that has found its way to being one of Nollywoods very memorable films. Nollywood has seen a clear growth but recent films being released are hardly as memorable as films that were released in the past. The Meeting is going to be remembered as a Nollywood Classic. Its record setting win at the 2015 AMVCA is proof of the hard work that went into the production. Many hail Femi Jacobs for his performance but Rita Dominic is featured in a career best performance in The Meeting. Her performance was totally unexpected. It was the highlight of the whole film. It was memorable and before watching the film, I never thought of Rita as Clara. I never thought it was possible for her to tackle such a role. We could have experienced two things watching Rita in the Meeting, she could have tried and failed at giving a humorous performance or she could have just lived on screen as Clara and she did the latter. It is still hard to see a picture of Rita and not think of Clara.


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Rejoice is a 21-year-old  aspiring Filmmaker and a big dreamer. She’s also a ‘Theatre and film’ arts graduate from the University of Jos, Nigeria.

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