Top 8 Actors of 2016

What an incredible year this has been for Nollywood. From global recognition at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) to powerful movies back-to-back; the likes of ‘the CEO’, 93 Days, Oloibiri and 76. The 2017 award season will definitely be one to watch.

Last year, we did a round off of three actors who were likely to do really well top-3-actors-to-watch-out-for-in-2016; one of them went on to win the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Award for ‘Best Actor’.  This year, we are naming our top 8 actors of 2016.

Check out our favorite actors this year:

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8.Adonaija Owiriwa (76): 76 closed the Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF). We knew we couldn’t miss it for the world. Adonai, as Captain V. M. Jaiye was phenomenal. We were never sure whether he was one of the good guys or one of the bad guys, or just an officer in search of the truth. He kept us guessing till the very end. He totally nailed that character and that has earned him a spot on our list.

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7.Daniel k. Daniel (76): We are quite certain 76 will sweep major awards next award season. What’s not to love? Good acting, brilliant story laced with suspense and some humor.  Daniel played the role of CPL Obi and this was a different role to what we typically see from him. Humble, naive and extremely fearful but ultimately loyal; DKD shows his range and we get to see a different side of him in 76.

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6.Lord Frank as Henry (The Governor): If you are wondering who Lord Frank is … let’s just say he owns that completely masculine yet charming voice you hear narrate on MTN advertisements and commercials, he is also an actor/voice over artist/performer. He plays the role of Henry in EL’s politically charged drama series – The Governor. Henry is the chief of staff as well as a fierce loyalist to the governor. He also displays great political acumen almost similar to that of Cyrus Beene in ‘Scandal’.  We saw him on our screens for the first time this year and we were thoroughly impressed.


5.Yakubu Mohammed (Sons of the Caliphate): SOTC digs deep into the northern lifestyle. Call it a modernized northern drama and you will not be far from the truth. We are first introduced to the main characters who form the plot of this intriguing story in the first episode. There is Dikko Umar Loko, cocky and egotistical son of a political stalwart.  Played by Yakubu Mohammed, you need little or no conviction to fall in love with his skills. His arrogance, swag and witty lines makes him a delight to watch. In this first episode, Dikko is seen as a playboy who is so full of beans. His competitive nature against his friend Nuhu is a shadow of his dark side– a particular trait the director tried to conceal to keep the viewer guessing. For the meantime, he satisfies us with his eagerness to score a golden goal with Binta Kutigi, a beautiful event planner.

4.Uche Odoputa (Husbands of Lagos): His character, Livinus Enyeribeyen, is a wealthy, uneducated, business man married to Isioma aka “Ego Oyibo” (played by Peggy Ovire), an attractive young lady who he can’t let out of his sight. His attempt to take charge of her life is hilarious. He pays for her education, but he prefers she accesses her courses online rather than mingle with her course mates. He’s not one to take chances, he knows his wife is very attractive and he is crazy enough to believe that every man wants her; so he does all within his power to ensure there’s no mingling with other men, even if that means her staying at home 24/7. Uche plays this role excellently; when you think about the character, you realize no one could have done a better job. Iroko should consider doing a spinoff with just Livinus and Ego Oyibo.

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3.Wale Ojo (The CEO):  When Kunle Afolayan searched for an actor who will fit snuggly into the role of Kolapo, one of the lead characters in his film ‘The CEO’ one name continuously popped up- the notable actor, writer, singer and culture producer Wale Ojo, whom he had featured as a leading actor in his third feature film ‘Phone Swap’. In the CEO, Wale Ojo takes the lead as Kola Alabi, the charming, nonchalant philanderer. Playing the Nigerian rep, he delivers some of the best lines from “Oyibo, you are not my broda,” to his sharp riposte to Dr Zimmerman which elicited applause. In Wale Ojo we are offered a fiercely talented actor, who grabs our attention with his skills and dialogue, and compels us to witness his mastery in acting.

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2.RMD (Oloibiri): This year, we’ve seen a handful of strong Nigerian stories, retold creatively. Oloibiri is one of those. Many never gave careful consideration to the account of Oloibiri before now. Numerous more have never really known about Oloibiri. Be that as it may, with this film comes the possibility to bring the town into our aggregate cognizance. Here, RMD is a disgruntled son of the soil. RMD is so at home depicting “Gun Powder” in Oloibiri you might be excused for supposing he was an activist in his past life. RMD has favored our screens with extraordinary representing around three decades, it’s anything but difficult to underestimate it. RMD is a virtuoso.

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1.Ramsey Noauh: (76): Protagonist Captain Joseph Dewas (a superbly cast Ramsey Noah), lives with his pregnant wife Suzie (Rita Dominic) in an unnamed barracks next door to a caricature of a superior officer and his loud hard-drinking wife. It is early 1976, a year which some will recognise as the date of Nigeria’s first unsuccessful coup d’état. This is six years after the Nigerian civil war, a fact that is well-handled in the conflict between Captain Dewa and his Igbo in-laws. It is also beautiful the way this conflict is not presented as just an incident, but as an event that has some consequence in the plot. Ramsey Nouah gives a  strong lead execution, emanating quiet power and good unease without a gleam of showmanship.

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