‘DKD’ On A Mission

When DKD was announced as Best Actor at the 2016 AMVCA, it came as a big shock to many. the reason wasnt because people were in doubt of his talent; it was simply a case of ” who’s this guy’? ‘where did he come from”? and why is he winning the most coveted award?

Those of us who knew DKD prior to his AMVCA win were mighty excited that he got the recognition he deserved. It was in 2014 when I first watched him and at the time I thought he bore a close resemblance to another actor – Joseph Benjamin. What I noticed was how effortless he was. He wasn’t overly dramatic, just enough humour and wit and I reached out to him later in 2015 to interview him.

Towards, the tail end of the year. He was number one on our list of young actors to watch out for and rightly so. He had been consistent, he had carefully chosen his projects and indeed 2016 has been an incredible year for him.

From winning the AMVCA and AMAA awards for Best Actor for his role in a ‘Soldiers Story’, to being a part in two high profile productions – Oloibiri and 76 which is currently showing at the cinemas. In 76, he plays CL Obi, a loyalist of embattled Captain Dewa played by the iconic Ramsey Noauh.

The award winning actor, affectionately called “Bossman” by his fans,  is currently in London shooting another potential uber hit with Belinda Effah and 90s Nollywood sensation Victoria Inyama.





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