Director: Patience Oghre

Producer: Opa Williams

Cast: Richard Mofe-Damijo, Victor Olaotan, Zack Orji, Tina Mba, Ebele Okaro, Thelma Nwosu, Uche Nwaefuna, Akunna Nworgu and Stanley Edirin Isokoh

Year: 2016


For some reason I dreaded watching ‘Three Wise men’. Most importantly, the lead on-screen characters are altogether regarded veterans in the business. They have devoted years to building a portfolio that is splendid and may appear to be difficult to accomplish. The trailer of Three Wise Men looked entertaining; yet it was hard to picture how the entire film will look, sound and feel.

Specifically, because we have seen great actors that have taken the wrong script and it has affected them in the long run. I had a sense of satisfaction that the film was going to be directed by Patience Oghre, she directed the Novelist and I enjoyed the film. I had mixed feelings about Three Wise Men because I was worried that it would affect my view of the actors but I watched it and I experienced something different.

Three Wise Men is a story of three retired companions, Irikefe, Tobore and Timi(Richard Mofe Damijo, Victor Olaitan and Zack Orji). They are waiting for their gratuity and the stories of these characters are wildly entertaining.

Irikefe is a three times divorcee with a ‘swag’ he is very conscious of. He is unable to stay in a serious relationship. He is self-absorbed and he leads the team. Timi is the philandering husband and his wife (played by Tina Mba) plays the hilarious prayerful woman that spits powerful words of prayers with the hope of converting her husband to a better person, Timi is beyond saving. Tobore embodies the perfect 60’s persona, a focused man, in love with his suit, and determined to love his ill wife till death do them part.

They are paid their gratuity and how they spend it makes the story we enjoy in the film. Irifeke the ‘swag infested’ man of the group manages to cajole his friends to live his type of life. He buys the latest car. He is consumed with the use of Instagram and young girls. He learns new terms and holds dearly to them and it is what makes the whole film hilarious. He is always on ‘fleek’. He is always available for a selfie- in his room, by his car and is always ready to spare a pout. He introduces his friends to this lifestyle and Timi gets as involved in the game as Irifeke is. Their behaviour however, has a consequence and they all have to suffer the consequences. Irifeke’s aggrieved children come after him to get their share of his gratuity and Timi gets entangled in problems with his younger lover. Tobore has to deal with his ill wife who ends up in the hospital.

The script is great. It is spontaneous and it is a beautiful comedy that uses the best and the most experienced faces to drive a point. Hiring these actors with such a story is what makes Three Wise Men different and remarkable. The dialogue is rich and there are no filters. It is a film that I would expect the film producer and director to employ the likes of Victor Osuagu, Nkem Owoh and Chiwetalu Agu to make this film what it is. The idea of employing RMD, Zack Orji and Victor Olaotan makes the project more intriguing. They are known for actively portraying serious characters. These are not characters we would expect them to play but they do and it is refreshing to watch. They make good use of an excellent script.

The script writers focused on the digital age and its effects. Does it affect just the young or are there old people tempted to enjoy such a life? It also raises the question of life after retirement. How best does a retiree enjoy his gratuity?  The combination these such great actors make the film what it is. They make an effort; their effort does not work perfectly on some occasions but on most occasions it flows perfectly.  RMD relaxes perfectly in his role as Irifeke. He understands what it takes especially because, in reality, he is a social media sensation. We see him perfectly live on screen. He enjoys this film and in extension, we enjoy him as Irifeke. Victor Olaitan, though a veteran in the industry is not able to speak fluently using the Pidgin English and we hear him struggle severally but what he can’t make up in speech, he makes up for through an intelligent performance.

Three Wise Men is an entertaining film and has everything set to be one of the memorable films of 2016.

About the Author

Rejoice is a 21-year-old  aspiring Filmmaker and a big dreamer. She’s also a ‘Theatre and film’ arts graduate from the University of Jos, Nigeria.

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