Oge Okoye: I Love Engaging Movies

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Nollywood actress Oge Okoye is a delight to watch on screen because of her ability to interpret her character effectively. The lady, who started acting professionally 14 years ago, said the Nigerian film industry has grown tremendously over the years.

Talking about her childhood, the actress said, “My childhood dream was to become a superstar. I’ve always wanted to be in the entertainment world and always wanted to touch people’s lives through my work. I ventured into the movie industry because of my passion for the arts. I’m glad, I am living my dreams.”

Okoye, who looks up to the likes of Joke Silva, Olu Jacobs and others doing marvelous job in the industry, believe that a lot have changed in Nollywood.

“The equipment used in shooting movies are better; we now have quality images and sound. I think we are getting better and I know we will get there.”When it comes to accepting roles, “I look out for the storyline, especially the beginning and the end because you find out that some scripts gets one confused because it has no bearing. I look out for stories that won’t bore people and have good lessons to teach. I also look out for the actors, the cameraman and cinematographer that will participate in the film. I love engaging movies,” she said.

On criticisms, she said it is a way of life.
“I think I’ve developed thick skin towards haters. I hear some things and I laugh over them. Whenever I get constructive criticism, I reflect on it and look for ways to improve because I am always eager to learn new things. I believe nobody has a monopoly of knowledge.

“We are humans and bound to make mistake. Learning from those mistakes is what helps us to move forward. In five years time, I hope to start up my own production house and expand my beauty and cosmetic line. Life has taught me to be patient because if you are impatient, you might loose a lot of things,” she said.

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