5 TV Series You Should Be Watching

The evolution of Nigerian TV from the sappy tales of wicked stepmothers and mother-in-laws have progressed to relatable plots that are sure to keep you glued to your screen. Be it on your TV, laptop or mobile device, there is always be quality content coming your way from Nollywood.

Check out this year’s offerings and get your sofa snacks ready!

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Skinny Girl In Transit

This Ndani web series revolves around the world of Tiwalade, her job, her family and most importantly her crazy love life. Tiwa channels the story of a 30-year-old, plus-size lady battling with her weight, pressure to get married from a doting mother and the struggle to find love and still keep her head up high working at a very popular radio station.


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Jenifa Diaries

Funke Akindele and Scene One Productions have captivated our hearts with this funny and morally impactful series. Not a new character to the scene is Suliat aka Jenifa, her life as a village girl with dreams of the good life. When she moves to the big city from the village, she is swept away with the energy that is Lagos. We follow her as she builds relationship with friends, colleagues and her quest to build the life of her dreams. Who can forget the lover she has in Falz? Just the perfect couple!

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The Johnsons

Raise your hands up if you loved Fuji House of Commotion? Yes! We all did and some of us still do. The vibe we got from that series is what we get with The Johnsons. From the playful and unique character that is Spiff (played by Samuel Ajibola) to Lucky Johnson (played by Charles Inojie). This Africa Magic original is the perfect way to binge on a weekend.


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The Governor

Lead character Angela Ochello (played by Caroline Chikezie) leads a powerful political series of power, love, family and the web of lies and betrayal found in the state of Savannah. The rounds made by this series on Twitter created a conversation about politics and women’s participation in general. This EbonyLife TV original is captivating as every episode keeps us on the edge of our seats.


This Is It

This LowlaDeeTV Production features newlyweds Tomide (Nick Mutuma) and Dede (Chigoziem Nwakanma). In season one, the first six months of their life as a newlywed couple are examined and put to the test. Also in play is the experience of the everyday drama that revolves around the young couple, balancing that with family, friendships and external relationships. Also, looking at Mutuma all through this season is nothing but rewarding.

Source: Guardian

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