Web Series Review: 5ive

Director: Ola

Writers: Michael Osuji, Tosyn Bucknor and Jovi Babs

Producers: Izuagbe Emoekpere, Abiodun Shote

Cast: Asa’ah Samuel, Ini Dima-Okojie, Baaj Adebule, KC Ejelonu, Samuel Ajibola, Ndubuisi Donald, Udoka Onyeka, Abimbola Ademoye.

No of Episodes: 13

Rating: B+


From the beginning of “5ive” every decision made by Kelvin (Asa’ah Samuel) gets him into trouble, from finding a girlfriend to finding a job, all these things seem like every young man’s dream but for Kelvin they are problems.  It is a story of “5ive people” it revolves around Kelvin, Nosa, Segun, Dami and Nnnenna.  The first episode builds our anticipation for what turns to a sustaining story, the best part is that we watch in episodes and there is always a reason to follow up each episode

Kelvin has just returned to Nigeria from Liberia and is job hunting. With the help of his friend Segun (Baaj Adebule) he finds his dream job. He also starts a relationship with Segun’s cousin, Dami (Ini Dima-Okojie). His job could have been the start to a better life but instead it paves the way for trouble. Kelvin meets and reconnects with an old flame who is now married to his boss Nosa (Udoka Onyeka). They start an affair and he soon finds out that his main girlfriend Dami is also having an affair with Nosa. It is a complicated web but it gets more complicated when Kelvin finds out that Nnnenna has a child for him. It changes the narrative.

My love for Web Series drastically increased after watching the sustaining “Rumour Has It’. Web series hardly disappoint, the creators understand what is at stake and they spend time creating interesting shows because if it is not interesting enough the viewer will not waste data on another episode. 5ive is another impressive show, soft but impressive.

The good thing about “5ive” is that the first five episodes hint at what we should expect but what we think we would get is not what we get. It is the type of story you want to watch on a good day and even on a bad day. It tries to be gangster but it remains soft, because it aims to appeal to women and men as well, so the writers find a balance and they tread carefully but it pays off. 5ive is solely there for entertainment, it is hardly there to educate but it manages to stir just enough interest to get us thinking about what we think we need in life, questions about what is worth fighting for and the things that are not worth the headache. It is interesting to follow the journey of Kelvin; he serves as a reminder of many things even in his confusion. At first, we meet a hopeful and hardworking young man but everything gets lost at a point. We don’t focus on his goal anymore, the table turns and he ends up being concerned about his relationship with the women in his life, even though he lacks a proper career.

The writers do not spend time trying to create a relatable female lead with the character of Nnenna and it seems like she is there as an excuse for Kelvin to have an affair and then a reason to upset Nosa. Nnnenna is weak; everything about her revolves around the men in her life. We don’t see her make a decision for herself. Every decision is made for her by family, her husband or Kelvin. The writers however make up for this by ending the first season with Nnenna finally going through a dilemma that should at least get her to make a decision for herself. The other female character, Dami is a focused young woman, she has a goal but she gets distracted. Dami is used to getting things handed to her and so she acts like it, she loses herself with the hope of getting everything she wants and when she loses, she loses badly.

There are hardly stale actors in Web Series and in this one; the actors make every minute intriguing. Michelle (Played by Abimbola Ademoye) and Segun (Played by Baaj Adebule) are the best part of “5ive”, they appear on screen and that is enough reason to stick to “5ive.” Dami (played by Ini Dima-Okojie) gives a great performance that makes “5ive” highly enjoyable. These actors have distinctive features and mannerisms that make the characters they play humorous. Even after watching 5ive, the characters stick in your head, the way they say what they say and the way they react to everything looks planned but unique and that is what keeps us hooked.

5ive provides the right kind of entertainment. The last episode of the first season does not offer a resolution but more problems and we are allowed to think of possibilities for the season 2. 5ive couldn’t have been done any other way. It is just great that it is a web series that we can go back to at any time when in need of something refreshing. It is quite different.

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